Mistui Aika to release first photobook!

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Better yet, somebody pinch me! The most exciting news to come out of H!P nearly all year has been announced. Better than S/mileage’s major debut, better than Arihara Kanna’s first photobook(I don’t care if she’s not H!P anymore.), better than the 9th generation Morning Musume auditions. 8th generation Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika is getting her first photobook. It is simply entitled Aika and will be released on January 26. And I honestly can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.

I cannot believe that my favorite Morning Musume and Hello!Project member Mittsi is finally getting a photobook. She has only said about 800 times how much she’s wanted one.

I actually think she’s been saying she’s wanted once since 2008. Well, as they say good things come to those that wait.

I am completely freaking out. I actually kinda lost all hope of her ever getting one. But obviously she would eventually get one, one day. Especially since every other member without a photobook either has released or is releasing one. And I honestly couldn’t be happier about the whole situation. And Aika is releasing this photobook at the perfect time.

Because Aika has been looking so fresh and mature lately. And of course she always looks lovely and adorable.

Also Mitsui Aika in a bikini?

Yes please!

Up Front’s official youtube channel has uploaded a short behind the scenes clip/making of the DVD that she is also releasing. And so far it’s looking pretty cute. But did anyone else notice she’s wearing the exact same yellow bikini that Koharu has worn before?

3 thoughts on “Mistui Aika to release first photobook!”

  1. This honestly made my day <3 Mitsui is my 2nd fav in Momusu and I'm so happy for her, she really deserves photobook! I'll mostly like buy this if I have money. (which means that I mostly like won't buy it because I never have money.xD)

    And I don't care if she wears the same bikini Koharu wore before, because Mittsi looks so much better in it *drools*

  2. @Hanna: This made my day too! Aika is my favorite in Morning Musume. She was second but since LinLin is gone she's bumped to number 1. She really does deserve a photobook. And she has been waiting forever for one. (Lol. That's ok, I never have the money either. XD)

    I think they both looked good in it.

    @Anonymous: I thought she was never going to get one. But since every other H!P member got one, it's pretty obvious she would. Hooray! <3

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