"Thanks" ~Where ever HSJ is in the world~

The PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~, has been out for 2 or 3 days now. But it was in super low quality, and I completely refused to watch or review it until a high quality one was available. You can’t imagine how hard it has been to not watch the PV.

But I can rejoice because a high quality version is finally available. But I’m surprised. Have HSJ fans not met KAT-TUN fans? According to them you’re not supposed to post the video anywhere until the release date. I guess HSJ fans didn’t get the memo about this unofficial rule. 😛
And I know I said before how I was really impressed by the song. But it’s actually growing on me. Mostly because of the 8 or 9 different performances of this song I watched. However, this song will never be my favorite. Right now it’s only my 3rd or 4th favorite JUMP single.

The PV is a little weird. It honestly looks like the whole theme for the PV is for it to be the sequel to Ultra Music Power. A majority of the PV is CG, which isn’t really a problem for me. The problem is that it goes from really expensive and impressive looking CG shots, to ones that look like some HSJ fan put it together on their computer. There are also these really scense where they are just sitting around that are hilarious because of how serious they look and how serious they are supposed to be taken.

  Oh dramatic entrance only showing their legs.

  Most fans hate them, but I LOVE their outfits.

  However, I HATE these ones.

  Woah, I just got a flashback of the Now and Forever PV.

  The Now and Forever PV.


  Ryosuke looks so hot.

  Words cannot describe how sexy Ryosuke looks here.

  Oh my god, look how ridiculous Chinen’s hair is!

  In my spare time I moonlight as HSJ’s background graphics maker. I mean seriously, this looks terribly cheap.

  I guess it is kinda cool to have all the foreign thank yous hover around.

  Oh my beloved Yuto, how I wish you’d cut those long ulgy strands of hair.

  Have I mentioned lately how sexy Yabu looks with dark hair?

  I am not feeling Keito’s hair.

  Ryosuke is just so hot!

  Now this is some impressive CGI.

  Strike a pose! This just looks way too girly.

  Aww Yuto.

  Why so serious?

  Keito looks a little shocked and Inoo looks bored.

  Yabu is love.

  This reminds me of their Tengoku concert pamphlet.
Here’s the PV. It’s not in high quality, but I thought most readers would care more about the facts that it’s subbed and less about the quality.

3 thoughts on “"Thanks" ~Where ever HSJ is in the world~”

  1. Ok normaly I don´t want watch the PV but Keito and Kota, and Daiki hothot grrr and I want see Ryutaro, I didn´t really see him often, more so the same like always.

    I still like this Song, and I´m not a HSJ FAN, more a hater….

    I think Yuri´s hair, looks good in Yoku…blabla, forget always the titel, here it´s looks weird but he looks always cute.

    My favorite Part DANKE SCHÖN, they should be sing it more in the SONG DANKE SCHÖN….. Kota with black hair, oh he looks really yummy…..

    And Keito, oh I´m really like him, his hair, is nice, but not so good like in Mayonaka…

    And Yamada, isn´t hot I really don´t understand why all girls think he is hot, I become nightmares from him, his face make me crying so I don´t really understand it but his hair is cute here….. and his last in the PV this GANGSTER VIEW…. nightmare

    P.S. The UFO Remember me on a German Movie (T)Raumschiff SURPRISE Periode 1, and their UFO looks like this what every boy have….

  2. Yabu and Daiki looked totally hot. Keito not so much, his hair looked weird here. XD You didn't really see Ryutaro or Inoo that often. It's sad. :/

    I think the song is ok. A hater? How come? XD

    I think his hair looked bad in both this PV and the Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV. His hair does look nice during their performances on Heyx3, Music Japan, and Shounen Club. I don't think he's cute really. >_>

    Yeah they really only said each thank you once. Except for the thank yous that were in each chorus. Yes! Yabu's black hair is incredible. <3

    I actually though Keito's hair looked best in Hitomi no Screen.

    Seriously? I think Ryosuke is probably the hottest member. (Yuto is my favorie but he's more cute than hot.) Mostly because it seems like Ryosuke always tries to act sexy.

    I have never heard of the movie so I'm not sure if it looks like it or not. XD I didn't think it was a UFO. It wasn't round, so it looked like a regular spaceship to me.

  3. How I become a HSJ Hater??

    First I begin to hate Yamada, because he make me crying, that isn´t so funny and so I don´t really can see they PV, from NYC, too. But I do it because I like Keito, Kota, Yuri, Yuya (hey was he in the PV??), Ryutaro, Daiki and Yuto, Kei and Hikaru, I don´t really now what I think about this, two. And so I hate the Band. And my ex- best friend, her reason, of her Realiionship to HSJ is it, too! She is a really big fan, I mean she want die for the boys and I see that she get ill in her head and she don´t want our help and she always say to me, because I said I don´t like the COVER for this Single, or what I don´t like in Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, I just say what I don´t like and she say I think I´m the best, I´m thinking all people are stupid and a bitch, not really nice and so I must look what is happen NEXT year with the group and maybe I say yeah can listen it again.

    Is crazy how my realitionships make me hate HSJ, and is not so that I want it, but can´t watch MOVIES, DORAMA´s or anything with them.

    You don´t must see the German Movie, I´m not sure if they are realeased in AMERICA, I know Hollywood wanted but Bully not! But the Movie is really popular in my Land.

    In Hitomi no screen, I don´t really remember, must watch the PV again, yeah Keito looks hot their.

    Yeah Yuri´s hair, first I don´t like it in Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, but with the full PV I like it, is not his best hairstyle, he looks better in Mayonaka and Hitomi no screen.

    All Girls Ryosuke is the hottest, I´m not… maybe anything with me is wrong. But I don´t know he just make me crying…. not anymore more made.

    You don´t think Yuri is cute?? He is the reason why I start to listen to HSJ!! He is so a nice guy, but I don´t want date him. I think Yuri looks more like a younger brother to me.

    I like Kota´s black hair, can speaking about it the day long…. so hot he looks so much better and hotter.

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