Akanishi Jin signed to Warner Music

In the past I’ve been a few overanalyzed posts about Akanishi Jin’s future and singing career in the United States. You can click here to read about how I was skeptical about him debuting in the US at all. Or click here when I thought he might be leaving KAT-TUN.
Or click here when I overanalyzed that he HAD to be leaving KAT-TUN. Or here where I said Jin will never make it because he’s Asian and America is pretty much racist. Yes, that’s a lot of overanalyzing about Jin.
But it seems now we have an extremely large chunk of the Jin puzzle finally coming into place. In my post that I was skeptical about him debuting, I made the argument that fans didn’t even realize he didn’t have a record deal in the US. Well, Jin must personally be reading my blog because it was announced that Jin is now singed to Waner Music. The President of Warner Music Asia Pacific and Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Japan, Lachie Rutherford, announced that Akanishi Jin will be signing on with the company, as they will be handling his singing career in both English and Japanese.

So, there you have it. Jin finally has a snazzy record company that will be releasing his solo single Eternal, both in Japan and the United States. It seems my overanalyzing was just that. It seems that I was completely off track with everything. It both feels great to be wrong, but it hurts my ego at the same time.

You’d think this whole situation would make me stop over thinking and overanalyzing situations. But of course it won’t. I’m already thinking, “Ok, this was just announced recently, but that doesn’t mean he was signed today. He could have been signed months ago. If he was signed months ago he could be recording his English album now, it could be half done! That means we could see his English album in April or May!.” Don’t you just love my train of though?