English version of One in a Million?

I’m sure every JE fan out there is quite familiar with Yamapi’s 3rd solo single, One in a Million. And if you’re not I did a PV review of it here. Well apparently there is an English version of the song. Of course this version isn’t owned or even made by JE, but honestly this is the closest us fans will probably ever get to an English version of this or many other JE singles.

This English version is done by a Austrian singer named Victoria S. Apparently because Japanese people don’t normally listen to European music the song is owned legally by each artist. Which I didn’t even think was possible or legal, but obviously is. This song has been out for over a month. But since I don’t listen to any German music, aside from Tokio Hotel, I’m just hearing about this song now.

There seems to be a lot of hate for this song, for no other reason except that Yamapi released the song first. But I actually really like the song. Mostly because the song is exactly the same. The only real difference is, it’s sung by a girl and is obviously in English.
But at the same time I like Yamapi’s version more. The song just flows better in Japanese. Probably because I’m used to the Japanese version more. But Yamapi’s voice is a lot smoother and better than Victoria S’s. And his autotuned voice is a lot better sounding then hers. Her’s kinda sounds like a frog. (But still a hundred times better sounding then what happens to my beloved Tanaka Koki’s voice when it’s autotuned.) Also the lyrics to her song, aren’t the greatest. But now a days this is pretty much the caliber of all the popular music out there. (Katy Perry’s California Gurlz, need I say more?)

I also really like the fact that I can actually understand this song. It’s like the best of both worlds. Obviously, this song isn’t going to stop me from listening to or loving Yamapi’s original song. But to me there’s hardly a difference. If a song is good it’s good. Wether it’s in English or Japanese. I’m certainty not going to hate the song because of Yamapi and Japanese music biases. That’s just ridiculous.
And after MOLA I really wanna him try and sing this song. XD
Here’s Victoria S’s version

And here’s Yamapi’s original song.

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  1. You know Tokio Hotel?? I wonder…

    Yeah the song sound the same, isn´t the first Johnny Song… look for WE CAN MAKE IT from Arashi Love is all around by Agnes Carlsson, it´s the same Music And ARASHI release it first.

    I think it´s the same, Johnny´s Buy the Song and an other buy the Music, too. But for her so it´s give this different Songs.

  2. Yeah I know Tokio Hotel. I've been listening to them for years. I'm a total Bill fangirl.<3

    I have never heard of Love is all around. I'm gonna have to go check it out now. XD

    That's most likely what happened. But I always thought only one person could own the music. ?_?

  3. You must go on this Site… http://www.epicentre.se/index2.html

    And on Music, then Search WE CAN MAKE IT and their stand it, in it, that the SONG call LOVE IS ALL AROUND and was for the girl, but that they so thankful for this change in JAPAN, because is ARASHI.

    I wonder how popular Tokio Hotel is, they are from my LAND so I wonder….

  4. Oh wow, it's exactly the same! But Arashi's version is better. I can't listen to the chorus sung any other way than We Can Make It. XD
    That's crazy that it was her song first, this is my first time hearing about this. Thanks for the info and link. <3

    You're from Germany, that's awesome. I'm 1/4 German. Lol. XD
    When Tokio Hotel first came out in America, they were pretty popular. Their songs and videos were played a lot. They even won a MTV VMA for best new artist.
    But in the US you hardly heard/hear anything about Humanoid. :/

  5. Oh thats not so nice, Tokio Hotel is going to Japan, finally.

    So I think, mhh and I see Bill everyday in the adverts… a funny adverts… I don´t really like the music, was at this time US5 fan, so but they ok, not bad but OK.

    Mhhh crazy that they album not so good to find, maybe it´s a one hit wonder, but it´s nice that a German Band is so popular.

    1/4 German sound Nice I German just german!!

    Yeah her song isn´t so good like We can make it, the WE CAN MAKE IT parts are better and I thinkt it´s sound with more vocies better then just with her and she isn´t so good in singing, I don´t like it really, her Song is cover by an other artist… so is given WE CAN MAKE IT 3 times!!!

  6. I had no idea Tokio Hotel would be going to Japan. They'll probably become popular, since Bill has sort of the same looks as Jrock acts.

    I hardly ever see Bill on TV. XD I like Tokio Hotel's music. It is much better in German though. I've never heard of US5. Lol.

    I don't really think they are a one hit wonder. A majority of their fans in the US are fans of them before they came to the US. They could be more popular but they aren't really promoted enough. :/

    Yeah being 1/4 German is nice. I really wish I was better at speaking German though. Your English is like 1,000 times better than my German. XD

    Yeah it really does sound better with more voices. Arashi sings it with more emotion. Her song is a cover too? Wow, 3 songs. XD

  7. First I wanna say…

    And she is not an Austrian, she is a German.
    I know it, becuase I'm a German.
    And was 'found' on YouTube by a German Comedian called Mario Barth.
    I was absolutely shocked, wehan I saw the english version of YamaPi's song. I love the song so much and then there is a German who sing the song, too.
    It is absolutely inacceptable for me! I hate the english version! It don't sounds good in my ears and it is so… Arg.. I can't describe it, because I'm sooooooo agressive now!!!! I hate it!!!!
    And YamaPi… Yes.. He is absoluteley the BEST!!!!!

    Koko =)

  8. Well I have never heard of her and just googled her name, and it said she was Austrian. My mistake. XD

    I don't think Victoria S's version is so bad. It sounds pretty much the same. Of course Yamapi's is better because he's a better singer.

  9. i just had to make a comment about this even though the last comment is two months old…
    first about victoria s…i live near innsbruck where she was born…i don't know her personally but as you may know or not know…one reason why she got her own mv and her "own" song is because her last name is swarovski (yes…the crystal swarovskis)…i never found a live performance by her so i have no idea if she can sing or not…that's the reason why i prefer yamapi's version…because i know that he can sing…
    then about tokio hotel…i remember when they were really big…you either loved them or hated them (i hated them btw)…it was like asian fandom…girls screaming and fainting from screaming…i think the reason why they were hated so much was because we were/are not used to their style of music…i think the same thing would happen if a japanese group would come to germany and austria…yeah…know noone even talks about them anymore…at least where i live…

  10. Huh, really? I actually had no idea what her last name was. I don't really know of too many artists in Europe. But it's pretty lame that she's only a singer because of her last name and family's connections.
    I've never heard a live performance of her either. I'm just basing it on her voice in the song, which is not bad, but not amazing either.
    Yeah I heard that a lot of people in Germany didn't like them. But it's all about personal opinions. I actually like their style of music. Nobody talks about them in the US really either. But their first American album was popular. They were a flash in the pan over here really. I still listen to them though. XD

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