I don’t get the appeal

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a few months now, but obviously personal things have come up and this was pushed to the back burner. But since I’ve come across their newest single, I’ve decided to make the post now.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. A couple months ago I was reading a blog and I came across a picture of the idol group Fudanjuku. Having never heard of them, and not knowing even the basics about them I said to myself, “Hmm none of these guys are good looking. But since I don’t listen to that much male idol music, I’ll give them a try.”

Well, you could imagine my surprise when I looked them up. Apparently Fudanjuku aren’t men at all. They are the male alter ego of the female idol group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters. Now, after being thrown off guard like that, I was then wondering who is actually a fan of this group?

First off, I want to point out I have absolutely nothing against the gay, lesbian, or transgender community. But I just don’t understand the appeal of this group. I was immediately turned off when I found out they were only dressing as guys. Which means gay idol fans and fangirls would prefer Johnny’s. And I’m pretty sure lesbian fans and wota would prefer them as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters.

So who is actually their fanbase? Because they are the more popular group of the 2. They released 5 singles and an album, Nakano Fujoshi Sisters has only released one single. Which I think is actually a pretty good song. And the fanservice outfits would make them a hit with fans.

What I’m probably the most upset about is, that I am pretty much a fujoshi. So where’s my otaku group? If Fudanjuku were actual men they would probably be incredible. Because their PV for Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi would be pretty hot if they weren’t chicks underneath. I mean school uniforms and being dirty/scruffed up is always hot.

I guess this group has got to be catering to the girls that go to the B:Lily-Rose cafe. But I don’t get the appeal of that either. It just feels like I’m missing something. I doubt I’ll ever really get the appeal of this.

Here’s Fudanjuku’s Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Waka Monotachi PV:

Embeding is disabled so click here to watch.

And just because here’s Nakano Fujoshi Sisters’s Honey Bee PV.

4 thoughts on “I don’t get the appeal”

  1. I dunno. To be honest, after reading some of what you have here, my first reaction was that I was offended. I don't see how being gay/lesbian/transgendered has anything to do with the members or the fanbase. I do realize offense wasn't your intent, but "Which means gay idol fans and fangirls would prefer Johnny's. And I'm pretty sure lesbian fans and wota would prefer them as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters." just rubbed me the wrong way. I am a fangirl and I dislike Johnny's, preferring female idols, but I'm not a lesbian. Most Fudanjuku fans I know are female.

    The 'boys' are great performers, and fun to watch (not to mention funny with all their puns, I am a sucker for that lame sense of humour.) There are many more reasons to like a group other then thinking that they are 'hot'.

  2. I am truly sorry if anything I said offended you. Like you mentioned, that completely wasn't my intention. I am straight female, and am also a HUGE female idol fangirl. I made this post for the physical aspect of the group, because at first glance I was confused as to who would be physically attracted to this group. And I actually still am. Maybe it was too ignorant and offensive to make into an entire post, and I apologise for that. But this post was meant to be completely innocent.

    I completely understand there are other reasons to judge a group then based on them being hot. I don't judge any idol group based on apperance. If I did that I would by default like KAT-TUN because the members are attractive, but beyond their singles I just don't. Or I would dislike all the "ugly" female idols. Which I don't. I judge my idol on music first, then personality. And if I someone in the group happens to be attractive, that's an added bonus. But I don't seek out groups based on looks. I might poke fun about looks in my blog, or say certain members are hot while others aren't. But when it comes down to it my favorites are based off personality. Which is why I love Mitsui Aika, instend of following the general consensus of not liking her because she's not as pretty as the other girls. Which is why when I started liking Tanaka Koki I didn't even think he was close to hot. (I liked Cartoon KAT-TUN wayyy more then their music. XD)

  3. I'm a lesbian and I wasn't offended at all. I know plenty of girls (both straight and gay) who would think Fudanjuku are incredibly sexy, but I'm not one of them. From what I've seen, most of my fellow lesbians prefer feminine-looking girls, so you definitely hit the nail on the head. But I do think the whole idea is rather awesome. Seeing a girl group dare to step away from traditional femininity is always great to watch!

  4. Well, I'm glad you weren't offended. I was just curious to know the answer. And I asked in a pretty blunt way. Lol.
    I don't find them to be sexy really. I was too confused at first to really think beyond that. XD
    It is a really cool concept. You can't even tell why they sing they are girls. I would never be able to do that! XD Yeah, female idol groups ever do anything but dress and act in the traditional female idol cliche. It's nice too see them being unique and different.

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