The coveted title

That’s right 4 idol groups were releasing on the same day: AAA, Morning Musume, KAT-TUN, and SKE48. It was inevitable that one would triumph over the rest. But the coveted title went to, of course, KAT-TUN.

From the very first day SKE48 fans and Morning Musume fans only worried about beating each other. A lot of fans seemingly forgot that KAT-TUN was releasing on the 17th as well. And of course after it was announced that KAT-TUN was releasing on the same day, there was no way either idol group stood a chance.
The Oricon Daily Chart goes as follows:

1. KAT-TUN – Change UR World
2. SKE48 – 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!
3. Kobukuro – Ryuusei
4. AAA – PARADISE/Endless Fighters
5. Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Yes, SKE8 did beat Morning Musume by 3 spots. So I guess in a sense they did win. But none of that even remotely matters. They both lost to KAT-TUN, so basically it’s as if they both ranked at 24. Even if SKE48 did beat KAT-TUN, it wouldn’t really matter anyway. It would only matter to the anti H!P 48 groups fans, who would use this as a way of saying their idol agency is better. Which is petty and meaningless. I just think it’s funny that all this ruckus was made that SKE8 would beat Morning Musume, but they both lost.

2 thoughts on “The coveted title”

  1. Most of the talk I heard was from Morning Musume fans thinking that it was going to be a showdown and that Morning Musume was going to beat SKE48. I mentioned it because I wanted to address the fact that it was unrealistic. I don't follow KAT-TUN so I didn't even know they were releasing a single till someone mentioned it. The only male idol group I follow is Arashi. I don't really care who took the top spot. I just want to know the sales numbers.

  2. I think the talk was probably even on both sides.
    However, I can only vouch for the H!P side because I don't read SKE48/48 groups forums. The fact that any fan thought there was some sort of showdown is why I made this post.
    I made this post out of pure irony at the whole competition some fans were putting on it, and then losing. I never said anything about you personally. I made this about all the fans who posted this stuff in online forums I read. >_>

    I follow most of the male idol groups. (only KAT-TUN, Arashi, NEWS, and Hey! Say! JUMP though. Sometimes AAA, but they're a mixed group. And sometimes Kanjani8. XD)
    I don't really care who took the top spot either, because it doesn't matter, and I had good odds of it being a group I followed. It wouldn't have bother me if SKE48 did win.

    The sales numbers are as follows:

    KAT-TUN: 118,001
    SKE48: 86,322
    Kobukuro: 24,262
    AAA: not posted on Oricon
    Morning Musume: not posted on Oricon

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