Muten Musume-Appare Kaiten Zushi short PVs

The Kura Sushi official website posted original PVs for Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi single. The PVs are extremely short, one is 19 seconds version and the other is 39 seconds version.
I think it’s pretty apparent that we most likely will not getting a full PV from this song. When the release date came and went it was apparent. It seems like these “PVs” were made merely as a small promotion for their chain alone, and absolutely nothing to do with the single itself.

The videos themselves are extremely simple. All it does is show Morning Musume’s anime versions flying around sushi. Which is completely not what I was expecting at all. I am a little sad that this is the extent of the PV for this song. But fans should be happy we got anything at all.

PV 1:

PV 2: