All I want for Christmas is C-ute

The PV for C-ute’s 14th single, Aitai Lonely Christmas, has just been released. Well, not just. But this is certainty the first time I’m watching it.

Some people could argue that this PV is boring. And I can understand why they would think that. I mean it basically is H!P’s go to formula. Except since it’s a slow song there’s not even a dance this time. But honestly, I absolutely love the PV. I love that it’s simple and elegant, without being overly simple. I also love the PV because it’s exactly how I expected it to be. So I pretty much couldn’t have asked for a better PV. It’s Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru meets Shiroi Tokyo. (Which I think I might have mentioned 3 times now. XD)

  How cheap, that’s obviously a dollhouse.

  Airi is the only one who actually looks lonely.

  This angle is really awesome.

  Chisa looks super pretty.

  And so does  Mai.

  This PV is so much like

Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru.

  These closeups reminds me of

  Shiroi Tokyo.


  Hmm this looks familiar somehow.

Of course it does!

I love these scenes.

  There are so many angles/scenes in this PV, it’s no where near being boring.

  Airi looks adorable in that hat.

  I’m such an idiot, I didn’t even realzie they were sitting in a sleigh the whole time.

  I wish I knew what this said. Because this, あいたい, is aitai.

10 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is C-ute”

  1. Haha XD
    I was waiting for your review for this song. Your reviews are entertaining XD
    I saw the music video this morning. Its got to be the best C-ute song this year!
    So much equality in line distribution…*loves*

  2. Lol.
    Aww thanks. I'm glad you like my reviews.

    I do love this song, but it's not their best song this year. For me it goes SHOCK, Dance de Bakoon, Aitai Lonely Christmas, then Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~.

    I absolutely love the fair line distribution. Now if only they'd continue to distibute the lines this way. It probably won't happen though. :/

  3. I'm not a huge fan of most of their other songs this year, but I guess its because I'm biased towards slower/calmer songs =D

    The line distribution sounds almost like a B-side. The other 3 girls never get THIS much solos in an A-side.
    I hope the other girls get more chances like this XD

    On a separate note: Morning Musume's newest single -> do you know if there's gonna be a version of the song with just clips of the water/petal scene? I've been seeing different dance versions and a close-up version, but I really hope they have a water version…

  4. Really? I'm the complete opposite! I liked most of their songs this year, because I like more upbeat songs. I hardly ever like slow ballad type songs. XD

    I know! It's really exciting. They probably had to throw fans a song like this since SHOCK was Airi central. XD Me too!

    They might. The two dance versions and the close-up was in Limited editions A,B,and C. The single V doesn't come out until November 24th, so it might be on that. But I honestly have no idea. I never really pay attention to what version is released on what CD. I'm not even sure if the single V comes with a DVD. XD
    I'm no help. >_<

  5. Looks like H!P is learning how to please fans =P

    I always thought the single V has no DVD >.< Ah well, I do hope they're getting out a water version. Its so much better than all the other versions in my opinion. And the dresses! so Awesome!

    With C-ute's song out now though, I guess there isn't going to be any new songs in H!P until 2011?

  6. Yeah sort of. But only Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and S/mileage fans. Morning Musume has never changed their unfair line distribution. It's been pretty much the same since Naichau Kamo. And we were thrown Nanchatte Renai, so fans wouldn't be that upset. :/

    Well like i said, I have no idea if the single V comes with a DVD.
    It is a lot better. But at least the beautiful dresses aren't wasted. Their on the covers of Fantasy! Juuichi. <3

    There won't be anymore new singles, but there will be new songs. Don't forget S/mileage's first album, Warugaki 1, is being released on December 8th. And Morning Musume's 11th album, Fantasy! Juuichi, is being released on December 1st. And Mano Erina's 2nd album, More Friends, is being released on November 24th.

    So, yeah a lot of new songs still in 2010. :]

  7. I'm such an idiot! I completely forgot that OhaMaple Girl with S/mileage's first single is being released on November 24th. XD

  8. Thats true…
    I wonder how Sayumi feels…I mean, she's a pretty old member, but newer members have more lines than her sometimes (EXPECIALLY Koharu XD)

    The dresses being used twice makes me feel like H!P is running out of money =P
    I've never paid attention to albums before. To tell you the truth, I only know/listen to songs with PVs, so I'm clueless when it comes to B-sides.
    Speaking of which, does albums usually come with PVs? I think C-ute album came with one right? I would like to see more of those dresses!

    OhaGirl! I completely forgot about that one too XD I shall look forward to that one XD

  9. Coming back to Morning Musume, I just saw the tracklist for the Album. Apparently there's a solo video of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game for each of the members.

    I'm hoping its the water scene! XD

  10. Newer member don't get lines over Sayumi. A few years back Koharu used to get more then Sayumi, cause she was new. And then she got more lines because she was popular from the Kirarin Revolution singles. But recently Syaumi got more solos than Koharu.
    The only members who ever get solos are Ai, Risa, Reina,and Eri.
    Sayumi is usually thrown lines because she is one of the most popular members.

    I thought that too about the dress, but all it really means is that this album is being extremely rushed. I mean the album is coming out on December 8th, and the graduation is on the 15th.
    Really? You should start listening to albums and B-sides. Some of the best songs Morning Musume has released have been album songs or B-sides.

    Albums usually never get PVs. So, it was completely out of the ordinary for Shigatsu Sengen to be made into a PV.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to that too. t's most likely going to have a marching band theme.

    Lol. Yeah, the water scene will probably be in the solo versions.

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