This is why I’m a Koki fangirl

KAT-TUN preformed Change UR World on today’s episode of Shounen Club. (Well it’s technically yesterday for the rest of the world. But not here. XD) And the only thing I can say about the performance is OMG Koki looks amazing. I was a little hesitant of Koki’s new hair because it makes him look like a mix between Penn Badgley and Oliver Twist. But I’m so over that. And I am officially in love with it now, and I hope he never changes it. XD Koki just keeps getting hotter and hotter. ;]

By the way, this clip/these caps are in low quality. I wanted to wait until a high quality was available to make this post, but I bet by the time one is available with my luck the PV will be out. And then this post will be pointless. So yeah I took my caps straight from the tudou video because there was no way I was going to actually download a LQ video. XD

Whenever I watch Japanese songs live I’m always surprised with the amount of English I never notice they are singing.

I love how all the fangirls screamed for Koki.

I bet this whole random hair flipping part would be sexy in HQ.

I had absolutely no idea this is what he was saying.

To the person I was talking to through comments about the song, it was Kame singing the Change UR World part at the end. So glad to finally know 100%. XD

Look at that sex hot outfit Koki is wearing.


How can anyone not love his new hair. I’m also really happy that Koki talked the most, since he’s the most entertaining member.

2 thoughts on “This is why I’m a Koki fangirl”

  1. haha yes, after so many replay of the song, I knew it was Kame who sang the CHAANGGGEEEE UR WORRLLLDDD!!
    i'm glad to know it was him.
    but i also love Ueda/Maru/Junno's lines from that part. Awesome.
    The PV just came out.

  2. Lol. I thought it was Kame. But they talked over it so it could have been either Kame or Ueda.
    Yeah pretty much everyone sounds good in this single. :]
    Of course the PV just came out. I knew if I waited to make the post the PV would be out already. XD
    But I'm excited it's out. I'll make a review ASAP. <3

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