C-ute-Aitai Lonely Chritmas PV preview

A new CM for C-ute’s new single, Aitai Lonely Christmas, was released. As usual the CM is only roughly 30 seconds long, which is just long enough to get somewhat of a feel of the PV.

I have to say I am completely thrilled with what I’m seeing of the PV so far. I can’t believe it, but the PV is exactly what I envisioned of the PV, almost to a T. I wanted it to be a mix of Shiori Tokyo and Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru. And that’s exactly what the PV is like.
So far all we see in the commercial is C-ute sitting out side in the snow, in their adorable winter outfits. And then they show them inside of a house looking really, well, lonely. I am really excited to see the PV. C-ute’s been dropping the ball lately with their songs and PVs, I am pleasantly surprised how both the song and PV are amazing.