Limitless Arashi

With just for days until the release date of Arashi’s new single, Hatenai Sora, the PV is finally released. And honestly it’s about time. I think this is the longest we’ve had to wait for a Johnny’s PV. But don’t quote me on that, I don’t really keep a close track on when JE PVs come out.

I’ve already expressed in previous posts how much I absolutely love this song, and I do. I’m not so sure the same can be said about the PV. I mean I like it, it’s definitely better than Dear Snow. It’s a lot more dynamic and has a lot more different scenes. But there’s not really much going on in the PV. They are still just standing there and then just mixed with close ups. I mean where’s the amazing Arashi dance like in the Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ PV? Or the over the top crazyness and gay of the Kitto Daijoubu PV? I mean you don’t need an overly upbeat song, or even dnce, to have an interesting PV. Look at Troublemaker, One Love, Beautiful Days, Sakura Sake. Ok, Sakura Sake was upbeat but the PV was simple and still cool. Like I said before this basically just comes down to Arashi being spread too thin this year.
But I decided to review the PV because I haven’t done a review in ages. Because of that I’m thinking of going back and doing Berryz’s Shining Power PV and maybe even Lilpri’s.

Everyone look sad and longing at the camera now.

Aiba’s is the best.

Ohno’s is the worst. His face is unchanged.

For some reason the backdroop reminds me of

the Believe PV.

However, this scene reminds me of

the Tayiou no Namida PV

Oh look, it’s Dear Snow again!

MatsuJun does look pretty cute though.

I gotta admit, the transparent scenes are pretty cool.

I don’t get what the whole dramatic standing up from a chair bit is all about.

God, Nino is so adorable!

Umm WTF, are Aiba’s teeth capped? They are starting to look like John Cleese’s. XD

If Nino is the only one to get a solo in the entire song, why do they keep following Aiba around?

Hot! I’m such a creep. XD

His face is too intense for such a slow song. I could see if he was holding a note or something, but he’s not.

Of course the backdrop opens to reveal a blue sky, that’s such an Arashi thing to do. XD

I love how he’s singing with a half smirk.

I love how Nino is the only one actually trying to dance here. Everyone else is just moving their arms because there’s no actual steps. 

Be sure to watch this PV before Johnny’s takes it down.