NEWS are Fighting Men

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for NEWS’s new PV to be released. And now that it has I feel like I can die happy. Mostly because the PV is amazing. I saw the first 10 seconds and I was in love already. Yeah that might have been a little premature, but after watching the whole PV the early reaction was justified. Just like I said a few days ago, this looks like NEWS’s most expensive PV ever. There is just so much going on in the PV. Two different group dances sequences, each members solo dance, their story line, their singing close ups, the walking part in the beginning. I mean this video is just far from boring. And it’s probably hands down my favorite, and the best, NEWS PV pretty much ever. I can’t even express into words how much I love this PV. It’s just fantastic. It’s PVs like this that makes fangirling NEWS easier.
By the way, I am a RABID NEWS fan so be prepeared for an overdose of screencaps. 😀

I hate the blur scenes. They’re such a tease.

Intense! No, seriously. After this flew by I was ready to kick things into high gear. Maybe I’m just a little too excited. XD

This PV has just gotten significantly sexier.

Sometimes Kei-chan is super adorable.

Is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot? Let me rephrase that, is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot when his hair isn’t ugly? XD

Shige always has to thrown in some weirdness.

My god Ryo looks bangin’.

Scenes like this will never not C-ute’s Forever Love PV. I know this has been done a million times before Forever Love and will be done a million times after it. But it will just always remind me of Forever Love.

Yamapi looks hot and slightly girly at the same time. Nice all seeing eye logo on the flyers  in the background. XD

Woah unflattering extreme close up.

Wow, is every member really going to watch themselves on some sort of device?

No, seriously every member. Here’s the Yamapi cap I didn’t bother taking before.

Come on this makes 4!

Stupid dance move is stupid.

Lolz they’re all singing along to themselves dancing. Of course I had to use Ryo for the cap. At least that’s a completely unique way to do the close up singing parts.

For some reason Massu actually looks hot in this PV. O_O

Massu kinda looks like Naruto when he does that. But look at Shige next to him all sexy. XD

Awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting the megaphone. And Shige looks way too happy to be using it. His eyes are like bulging  out.

I guess I should have at least one picture of Tegoshi.

I hate how cute this was.

Rip off! He has the same phone as Massu.

Or maybe he doesn’t. XD


I love how Ryo has to be the last one to leave.

How cute.