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KAT-TUN will be releasing their first single in their new Jinless era on November 17th. The song is entitled Change UR World and is being used as the theme for Kame’s news show Going! Sports and News. In my opinion this release seems pretty rushed. The single was announced only one month before the release. Usually JE releases are announced at least 2 months in advance. But 1 month, 2 months, I guess it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s less time we have to wait for a PV.

I find it completely hilarious and ironic that their very first official Jinless release sounds completely like the songs Jin shines in. Jin always sings in this breathy sort of sexy manner. And that’s exactly how this song sounds. I actually mistook Kame and Maru for Jin. And tell me Kame’s Change UR World screaming at the end doesn’t remind you of Jin’s backup/screams from Real Face. Literally after hearing the first 30 seconds my actual reaction was, “wow Jin sounds great in this.” Then I of course immediately realized that Jin isn’t even in KAT-TUN anymore.

But beyond the whole Jin-ness of the song, I think the song is absolutely amazing. This song blows Going and No More Pain out of the water. There isn’t even a competition this song just automatically wins. The music is pretty intense for most of the song but when the chorus ends the music is absolutely incredible. It’s like Keep The Faith mixed with Real Face but times a thousand. I’m sorry V6 and NEWS, but I think KAT-TUN has just made the best song about changing a world.
The line distribution seems pretty fair. It seems like every member gets a solo. And Koki’s is absolutely hot. But Koki’s rap is actually pretty weird sounding and it kinda throws the song off track for a bit. Which I’m sad about because Koki’s raps are usually the best part of KAT-TUN songs. And not even because I’m a biased Koki fan. Koki’s raps are usually just full of win. But in this song it sounds like Koki has the hiccups while rapping. It’s kinda funny.

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  1. i think that was Ueda wailing at the end, but Kame made ooowww sound before Koki raps.
    Well, they have to step up now that Jin left. and they are doing good! i though it was impossible for them to sound this good w/o Jin. they impress me so much!

  2. It sounded like Kame to me at the end, but it very well could have been Ueda. There was tlaking over that part so it's hard to really tell. So I'll have to wait until the PV to be 100%. XD
    I didn't think it was impossible for them to sound this good without Jin. I thought No More Pain was amazing. But I also though Going was pretty average. So it honestly it could have gone either way.
    If KAT-TUN continues to release singles like this I'll be very happy. :]

  3. i love NMP too! but it was still not rock enough/ not KAT TUNish enough for me. i missed KTF and LIPS and DUES era. Even YnU was a happy song, but it's still rockish. I think that should be the farthest they can go when it comes to happy songs. I was sooo hooked with this CuW! Can't stop listening it for days. At first i also thought it was Kame in the end, I hope so too, but it can be Ueda too. But anyhow, no doubt they all sounded good in this. Now, I have to be more patient waiting for the PV, w/c i know will take weeks to arrive.

  4. I also really miss the rockish KAT-TUN type songs. Lips is their best single in my opinion. But over the years KAT-TUN has been trying out a lot of different styles of music. I would actual prefer them to keep changing styles then to keep making the same type of music over and over.

    I don't think Yorokobi no Uta should be the farthest they should go with happy songs because Signal was amazing. I wouldn't mind another Signal type song. But I do think one D-Motion type song is enough. XD

    Change UR World is pretty amazing. Their best single in a while.
    I can't wait for the PV either! But JE usually releases PVs like a week before the release date. I hate that. XD

  5. now that i have the song on too much repeat, i think the ending verse in the preview was sung by 2 or 3 people. I can't believe, but I'm pretty sure Nakamaru is one of them.

  6. There isn't really an ending verse. It sounds like Maru(and maybe somebody else) aays something singsongy at the end. And then Kame (or possibly Ueda) Say's so Change Ur World Ima something. I can't really catch the rest. (It might be ima naki wa?) XD Then the bridge picks up again. Then someone says Change Ur World and then the chorus repeats.

    Unless you mean the last actual cerse before Koki's rap.

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