Arashi-Hatenai Sora preview

Arashi is releasing yet another new single entitled Hatenai Sora on November 10th. So with less than a month to the release we finally have a song preview. And it’s pretty safe to say this will finally be Arashi’s last single for the year. And I bet 2011 will have maybe 2 Arashi singles.

Can I just say I am instantly in love! As soon as it picked up and the chorus kicked in I was sold. See this is the kind of relatively simple Arashi songs that I like. Where it’s sung slowly, but it picks up, and the music is still upbeat. And it’s kind of weird that the only person to get a solo line is Nino, and he only has one. But I’m not complaining being a Nino fan. It just adds to the fact that this single reminds me a lot of Beautiful Days. Since the music, the way it’s sung, the lyrics, and even that the only solo line goes to Nino.
And because Arashi fans are super dedicated there’s already translated lyrics for the song. And I gotta say the song is just super positive and uplifting. I really like the whole message of the song. It’s really similar to Beautiful Days, which is one of my favorite Arashi singles. To be honest this song seems like Beautiful Days part 2.