Lilpri-Idolulu PV preview

A 30 second commercial for Lilpri’s second single, Idolulu, was released. Which is a good thing because it looks like we’ll actually get a PV for this single. I’ve seen the alleged PV for the first single, and to me it didn’t look like an actual PV at all. Mostly because I could never find it in anything less than extremely low quality.

Not only is this the first time I’m seeing a preview of the PV, well it’s the first time for everyone. It’s also the first time I’m hearing the song. Mostly because the I didn’t care for the first single. It was far too childish for me. And it honestly feels like this song is also way too childish. I understand the anime is for children, but aside from Tan Tan Taan and Hana wo Pu~n, none of the Kirarin Revolution songs were overly childish. The same goes for Shugo Chara and even Robby & Kerobby. Well Robby & Kerobby songs were a little, but I still like them and can listen to them without feeling like I’m too old for it. However, Idolulu does sound a little more mature than Little Princess. But that’s probably because I knew what the English translated lyrics for Little Princess were as soon as the song came out. With Idolulu I have no idea what the song is about. It sounds a little catchy, but I’m not sure I should even like it.
It seems like ever H!P anime tie in group needs at least one music video that’s CG. I mean I can’t think of one group, aside from Guardians 4 for some reason, that didn’t have a complete or partial CG PV. There’s not really much going on in the PV itself. All we actually see is them dancing against a CG background. It reminds me a lot of the Minna no Tamago PV. But it seems like either that’s what they were going for, or both PVs were made by the same person.