Arashi’s Dear Snooze

I’ve been debating over wether or not to make a post about the Dear Snow PV since it was first releases. I usually only make posts about PVs that are either so incredible I can’t contain myself from witting about the, PVs that are so disappointing I feel the need to rant about them. Which is why I don’t make posts about every single PV that comes out. And more recently why I didn’t make reviews of SCANDAL’S SCANDL Nanka Buttobase or Momoiro Clover’s Pinky Jones PVs. (I’m actually really waiting for the awesomeness that will be the Koko Natsu PV. It’s a lot better then MomoClo running around in random Native American outfits. XD) And actually that’s where most PVs sit, smack dab in the middle.

But Dear Snow is far beyond even average, or disappointing, it’s just plain boring. There is absolutely nothing to comment about. Not bad costumes, a bad set, or anything because nothing happens.

All you basically have to do is look at this picture, and it feels like you’ve watched the entire PV.

Oh wait, you might want to see it from a different angle. There, now you’ve seen the entire PV.

Because that’s all their is to it. This takes PV simplicity to a whole new level. The entire PV consists of them just standing there and close ups of them singing. And that’s it. H!P fans, myself included, cry when the PV is dance and close up. Yet I bet the legions of Japanese and international Arashi fans don’t even care, because the video is simple and elegant. The song is so beautiful that the PV doesn’t need to be flashy. And to that I completely disagree. I’m all for simplicity and elegance, when necessary, but I know the difference between simple and boring. But again that’s just my personal opinion. Honestly it feels like a waste, because the song is actually really pretty.

I guess I’m mostly so unimpressed by this PV because it’s the 3rd Arashi PV that’s done nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong I think Love Rainbow and To Be Free were great songs, but they were boring uninspiring PVs. But that’s what happens when you release 5 singles in one year, with 6 on the way. Arashi has been completely stretched too thin this year. They comes out with 2 of the best songs and PVs Arashi has released in a long time, Troublemaker and Monster. Then the next singles quality suffers greatly because of it. There’s no doubt JE didn’t expect to release all these singles, because if he did he would have spread the budget a little more. And by the way Troublemaker looked like it was pretty cheap to make, and look how it turned out.