NEWS-Fighting Man radio rip

With a little over a month until the release of NEWS’s new single, Fighting Man, we finally have a radio rip of the song. Which is of course a HUGE step up from the concert rip that sounded like it was recorded in a wind tunnel. And after listening to the preview, it obviously sounds nothing like Reggae. XD

The whole overall feel I get from this song is breezy. Just breezy. I know that sounds like a completely random word to describe it, and it is. The song just sounds light and airy. The sort of carefree vibe that a majority of NEWS songs have. The song sounds like it could be used for a CM or be the a song filler in a drama. I’m sure a lot of Non-NEWS would pass this song by because it’s pretty simple. But the simplicity is what I like about the song. I like that with just the first listen I can automatically tell it’s a NEWS song.

I absolutely love how the chorus is sung. It just gives the song a very fun feel. I also love the group parts where they sing fast. I also absolutely love how much you can hear Massu’s voice throughout the song. I’m obviously a Ryo fan, but Massu’s voice just fit so well with this song. So I love how you could hear his vocals the most during the chorus. Much like in the song Weeeek you mainly hear Ryo’s voice in the chorus. I also love Tegoshi’s (it also oddly sounds like it could be Shige o_O) solo line where it sounds like he was singing through a megaphone. I love that effect. It automatically reminded me of Otsuka Ai’s Happy Days.

I really love everything about this single. I like the song 100% more than Sakura Girl. Sakura Girls is probably my least favorite NEWS A-side. So I’m glad NEWS released another overly upbeat single, instead of another more serious one.