Ogamana My Dream!

Now I haven’t been following Canary Club, nor Ogawa Mana like I’ve been meaning to. I only know about her recent single since it’s a joint single with Sugaya Risako. But who cares about tha? None of that is remotely important! But, do you wanna know what is important? How incredibly amazing Kitagami Mimi with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu’s new single Oshare My Dream is!

I heard a few days ago that the PV was released, so I decided on a whim why not just check it out. And I am incredibly happy that I did. The song is everything I was upset that Elegant Girl isn’t. The song is happy, upbeat, cute, and so sugary sweet it’s almost unimaginable. It also makes me like Elegant Girl more. The intentionally contrasts actually work nicely together.

The PV itself is pretty simple. It literally only has 3 scenes it repeats over and over. Ogamana standing by the school bus, Ogamana inside the school bus, and washing the school bus. But that doesn’t really bother me. I also can’t seem to hate this PV at all. I am far too enthralled with Ogawa Mana!


This outfit is absolutely adorable

Cuteness overdose!
My god, Mana is simply gorgeous.
The inside of the bus does remind me a lot of AKB48’s 10nen Zakura, and Berryz Koubou’s Piriri to Yukou.
I am officially in love with Ogawa Mana.
So sweet.