Arashi-Dear Snow PV preview

A commercial and minute length PV preview for Arashi’s newest single Dear Snow, has been released recently. And talk about news that creeps up on you. These have been out for over a week, but I just completely missed them until now. Mostly due to the fact that this whole single completely slipped my mind. After Arashi announced that they would be releasing yet another single, Hatenai Sora, it completely slipped my mind that the PV for Dear Snow hadn’t even been released yet. XD

Since the song it’s pretty slow paced the PV of course is extremely simple. With hardly anything really going on. But that’s to be expected from Arashi. A majority of their PVs are super simple. And I was kind of expecting the PV to be winter themed since it’s called Dear Snow. But I guess that would seem out of place since Fall just started.

The only thing to really report about this PV so far is that MatsuJun and Nino are looking really good in it. Especially Nino, he looks super adorable.

Here’s the minute preview:

Here’s the CM:

Arashi also performed this song on Music Station. I thought the performance was really great. Even though most likely everything was lip synched except for solo lines. It was a great performance nonetheless. As always, you should watch the video quickly before Japan’s youtube czars deletes the video. XD