AKB48-Beginner PV preview

A 30 second commercial for AKB48’s 18th single beginner was just released. Giving us a nice preview of the PV. But this isn’t really the first preview for the PV we’re getting. About a week or more ago extremely low quality PV previews were floating around the net. But I decided to wait until more high quality previews to come out before making this post.

After watching the commercial I gotta say I am less then impressed. Which makes me sad for 2 reasons. 1. After reading the translated lyrics to the song I just started to really like the song. 2. After losing the jankan tournament this is the last AKB48 PV that Mayu will be in. Of course until the next senbatsu election or jankan election. And of course she’ll be in the Under Girls PV, but I never pay attention to them. Which is a bad habit I should eventually get out of.

I’m not into the overall plugged in video game/futuristic/matrix theme going on. Mixed with the random killing shots. The PV reminds me of Michael and Janet Jacksons’ Scream video, and Koda Kumi and Misonos’ It’s All Love PV. I also really hate the amount of latex they are wearing.
I don’t know as of yet, I’m really not feeling the overall PV. But as always I’ll have a more in dept review of the PV once it’s released.