Eggs that I could see in the 9th gen of Momusu

Like most Hello!Project fans currently, I have been thinking a lot about Morning Musume’s 9th generation auditions. Taking in all the wonder, anticipation, and utter excitement for my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. What will the girls look like? What will they sound like? Will foreigners get in? Will Jang Dayun become a member? (She could have totally been studying Japanese this whole time! And that’s why she was hidden away.) And since the second phase of auditions is fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hello!Project Eggs that may have auditioned. Since we will never know which Eggs actually auditioned, all 20 could have auditioned or only 2. Just thinking of that has made me wonder which Eggs I could actually see becoming part of Morning Musume. My dream for the 9th gen auditions would be for Tsunku to accept 5 new girls. Every generation, except 3 and 7, has accepted at least 3 members. With the maxim being 4. And since Morning Musume will be at its smallest since it was formed I’d like to see Tsunku go all out and take 5 girls. And I’d honestly like half of them to be Eggs. Why? It’s simple, Eggs are trainees. And they simply do what they are, they train. Since they’ve been training for years already it’s an extremely easy transition to join Morning Musume.

So here are the Egg members I think actually stand a shot at becoming full fledge Momusu members. All but one of the members I have selected have made their CD debut as Egg members. And the one that didn’t was a backup dancer in one of ManoEri’s PV. Now some people reading this might have a problem with that. But the simple fact is their previous work will play a main factor in them being picked for Morning Musume. Not only does this exposure effect their popularity among wota, it shows that Tsunku/H!P has already seen something special about them. Which is a huge factor in all of this.
I’ve also included the ages of each girl so you can decide for yourself if you feel she’s too young or too old to join the group.

1. Fukumura Mizuki, age 13 turning 14 in October

AKA Maeda Yuuka’s replacement in Shugo Chara Egg. Now I have to honestly say after S/mileage was formed and they got new Shugo Chara Egg members I didn’t bother listening to any of the new Shugo Chara songs. I have never actually heard any of them until I started making this post. But after I heard Mizuki’s voice I was simply blown away. Her voice is actually strong, not Takahashi Ai strong, but it’s strong. Right now she’s at about an Aika level, but with more time to grow she could be at a Risa level. She has a nice tone in her voice. And she would blend exceptionally well with any member she could possibly be paired with, since her voice is very light and almost elegant sounding.

2. Saho Akari, age 15

AKA the girl who was shafted from S/milege. Or more commonly known as a Shugo Chara Egg member. I never paid much attention to Akari while she was in Shugo Chara Egg. I was too focused on the awesomeness of Yuuka and Kanon. Not only that but she was put in a group with voices that where extremely cutesy sounding, and Akari’s was much deeper in comparison. So she was easily overlooked in my opinion. But after Yume to Genjitsu I became an instant Akari fangirl. Her voice sounds absolutely incredible. And surprisingly really adorable sounding. It has that perfect mix of cuteness and power. The likes of Kamei Eri, Kago Ai, Suzuki Airi, and other possess. And I didn’t think it was possible but in the live performance of Yume to Genjitsu Akari actually sounds better than Airi. Besides her obvious vocal ability Akari is completely stunning.

3. Sekine Azusa, age 14

AKA the girl who was a backup dancer in the Onegai Dakara PV. I have never in my life heard of this girl before I started looking up the Egg members. And I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to find out about her. This girl has some serious pipes on her! No, really she does. During this duet with Kikkawa Yuu she was able to hold her own against her. Her voice is wonderfully unique, and something I’d love to see in Momusu. She can even hold out her notes beautifully. I am seriously upset that this is like the only performance of her I can find.

4. Miyamoto Karin, age 11 turning 12 in December

AKA the Shin Moni member. I don’t immediately think there’s anything great about Karin. Nor do I think her voice is all that great or special. But I do think she’s one of those idols who will get better with some years to grow. Karin also seems to be a pretty popular Egg. So at most I see her being added for her cute factor, and nothing really beyond that. And to anyone reading this who has any problem with her young age, may I remind you Koharu was only 12 years old when she joined. And look how amazing that turned out to be!

5. Kitahara Sayaka, age 16 turning 17 in November


AKA the girl from Milky Way. Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about Sayaka. Well nothing other than SAYAKA CANNOT SING. Dear god, her voice makes my ears bleed! To all Koharu haters out there, have you by chance heard Sayaka sing? Her voice is screechy, squeaky, and she can’t sing in tune. She’s just overall very unpleasant to listen to. But the sad part is she has a good chance of actually joining Morning Musume. Because since she was put in Milky Way she has become very popular. Therefore wota would be mega happy to see her in Momusu, and would boots the sales. Horrendous voice aside I personally think she’s too old to be put in Morning Musume. I know it’s 10-17, and she’s 16, but that honestly seems to old to me. But she will also be 17 very soon. Mitsui Aika is 17 and she’s already been in Morning Musume for 4 years. I know Sayaka could be in Morning Musume for like 8 years still but I don’t know, I just feel the members should be no older than 15.

10 thoughts on “Eggs that I could see in the 9th gen of Momusu”

  1. I really hope Tsunku would add A LOT of members to Momusu now.oxo And I also wish a few of them were egg members.

    When I saw the title of this entry, I immediately thought of two eggs:
    Sengoku Minami and Kikkawa Yuu.

    They're both so talented and their talent gets soooo wasted as eggs.>w<


    But Saho Akari or Miyamoto Karin wouldn't be bad choices either. I would like to see some younger girls in the next generation.oxo (Not that Minami would be too old for Momusu in my opinion… * cough *)

    I talk too much.D8 * shot *

  2. That's exactly what I want with Momusu. I would love to see like 7 new members. But realistically 5 is even pushing it.

    Sengoku Minami does have a great voice. But even if she wasn't too old she's in Ongaku Gatas. But I doubt the Gatas will be around for very much longer. Since they went from major releases to indie releases. :/
    AND OH HELL YES KIKKAWA YUU! I am seriously so upset that she is too old. Her voice is just amazing and she's mega adorable. Eggs talents are so wasted. I want H!P to make another Egg group like S/mileage, and put Yuu in it!

    They would really. Especially Akari! I will be extremely angry if she doesn't get added. I want some younger members too. That's what Momusu is all about!
    I don't understand why he made the age 17. In the 8th gen auditions the max age was 21.

    That's ok. I talk too much too. *double shot*

  3. Sayaka is great and I'd love to see her join Momusu.

    Not being able to sing is not an issue, look at Sayumi for example.

  4. Being great is based on opinion. And personally I don't think she can sing. However, I know nothing about her personality. So she might very well have an epic personality.

    Sayumi is never a good example. Besides not being able to sing, her personality is terrible. She's so narcissistic that it's not even cute anymore, it's annoying. At least Koharu had an amazing personality to make up for her not so great singing ability.

  5. I agree there should be at least a couple of eggs in the new line up with the addition of a couple of more girls from the auditions.

    Also, I LOVE Sayumi. She is an absolute joy. I like Koharu but comparing her to someone as sweet as Sayumi is insane.

  6. Eggs in the new line up would be a dream. He's most likely going to add at least one. I doubt he would say Eggs could audition and then not take any. If if they don't get added, I'm going to bet at least one, or a few, will get pretty far in the audition process.

    I don't like Sayumi much. And this is coming from a former Sayumi fan. I liked Sayumi up to about a year and a half ago. I just find her to be highly annoying. And her certain air of arrogance is completely undeserved. I think Aika is the sweetest member of the current line up. Hence why she's my favorite member. (She was third, but after Koharu and LinLin left she was bumped up.)

  7. Yes, I hope for a minumum of one egg otherwise, why are they there to begin with? Just back-up dancers? That would be a waste.

    Sayumi hasn't changed since day one. All the girls were given their characters. Sayumi is really a sweet girl, Yossy wasn't nearly the tomboy she portrayed. It's not the girls fault.

  8. I'd would be an utter complete waste. Especially since some of the Eggs are really talented. Who knows the next time they'll be able to join a permanent group. It's sad. :/

    Yes, I know all the girls were given characters, but Sayumi just plays her role to much. And I honestly don't care for her at all. I don't have to like every single Momusu member. There are quite a few that weren't my favorite/I don't like. I dislike Miki far more then I dislike Sayumi. XD

  9. As a firm follower of the amazingness that is Sekkii (Sekine Azusa) what I realized was that I'm bummed out that some of her other great performances aren't on YouTube anymore. That duet was OLD; she was only 12 when that came out! She was Rika in a version of Ai Suite Room a while back as well as in a few other great performances.

    Anyways, I'm REALLY happy people keep mentioning Sekkii as being a good choice! As seen in her other performances she has oodles of stage presence and she just seems like a sweetheart. I really hope that she gets added!!

  10. Yeah it sucks that, that was literally the ONLY video I could find of her singing. Well, that wasn't in a group of like 5-6 people. It's sad because I was automatically blown away by her, and really wanted to hear more. It seems like nobody every uploads the Egg concerts onto youtube. :/

    Well I haven't seen her other performances, but I hope she gets added too. :]

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