NEWS new single Fighting Man + Concert preview

In NEWS’s forth album, Live, they included a piece of paper that said “coming soon a new single.” I don’t think fans anticipated a new single announcement this quickly! During their Tokyo Dome concert NEWS announced they will be releasing a new single on November 3rd entitled Fighting Man. Which just happens to be Nishikido Ryo’s birthday. I demand a special Ryo edition for such occasion! 😀

Now I never make entire posts about the announcement of new singles, since I find it completely pointless. I usually wait until radio rips to come out before I even mention a new single on my blog. But since NEWS announced it at a concert, they also performed it. So we have a extremely LQ concert rip. But hey at least it’s a preview!

I am extremely excited to see NEWS releasing more then one single again. Since last year they only released Koi no ABO and concert DVD. I became a NEWS fan in 2008, and I honestly think that was the best year for NEWS. They released 3 singles, an album, and a concert DVD. There was also the Kurosagi movie. I wish NEWS would have another year like that. Since NEWS is one of the least popular and underrated JE acts, and I honestly can’t figure out why.

But anyway more about Fighting Man, and less about pointless NEWS comments. The rip physically hurts my ears. So please do not ask me for any sort of actually opinion on the song itself. All I can actually hear is everyone got solos and the song sounds like it has a reggae. Though don’t quote me on the reggae because some parts sounds heavy rock, and others sound futuristic. XD I wish NEWS had wotas. Because Hello!Project concert rips are always close to perfect quality. This kinda sounds like someone recorded it in a tunnel. But I shouldn’t really complain, because whoever recorded this didn’t have to record it at all.
So here’s the rip. Don’t kill the messenger on this one.