NYC-Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe preview

The preview for Johnny Entertainment’s sub group NYC’s 2nd single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, will be released on October 20th. Much like everything with such a short time to it’s release date we have the song preview.

First off, since I never made a legit post dedicated to this, does this mean NYC is like an official group? Having a main group and a subgroup is no big deal. Tegomass, NEWS, and Kanjani8 all do fine coexisting together. But I can’t help but feel extremely sad for B.I. SHADOW. I get it though. Johnny was testing the waters with Nakayama yuma w/ B.I. SHADOW. Which is why they never got their own release instead they shared one with NYC Boys. Once he saw that B.I. SHADOW was an utter failure, he cut the ties, and continued NYC Boys without the Boys. That’s gotta hurt to all the B.I. SHADOW memebers, who will probably never get another single or their own single.

And I gotta say I never really expected them to release another single. Yes, I thought Yuki 100% would be it. In retrospect I guess that’s kind of stupid. Since NYC has the potential to be extremely popular. They probably already are because of all the pimping at HSJ concerts and events. But I honestly don’t follow them that closely.

As for the song I do like it. Mostly because it sounds a lot like Yuki 100% and NYC. And I liked those songs a lot. I even really liked Akuma no Koi though. It’s half slow, half upbeat. It’s really nice to listen to. I’m also glad that they got their own song instead of another cover single. Which means the PV for this will most likely have a higher budget then Yuki 100% did. But much like the other NYC, NYC Boys, and most HSJ songs Chinen’s voice ruins it a bit. I just find his voice to be extremely irritating. And my general dislike for Chinen doesn’t help either.

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  1. So I'm not the only one who thinks Chinen's voice is irritating. I don't hate him, but the fact that he is now one of the main singers in HSJ doesn't make it any better.I don't think its something that can be easily fixed. At least he doesn't have most of the lines in NYC. I guess someone realized that he probably has to finish puberty be for he can sing well again. I miss the way he use to sing. His voice use to be my favorite.

  2. Not you're definitely not the only one who finds his voice irritating. I'm sure anyone with ears can hear it. LOL. XD
    I can't stand that he's the main singer. But he's one of the most popular members, so of course he is.

    Yeah but who cares if he doesn't have most of the lines. He's in a subgroup while members who can actually sing aren't. Where's a YabuHika duo, like Tegomass? Where are Daiki and Takaki doing anything? Makes me sad. :/

    Well Chinen is almost 17, and his voice has already changed. Which means that's what his voice is going to sound like forever. Guys voices don't change more than once during puberty. At least I'm pretty sure they don't. Right? XD But listen to Yuto's voice. When he went through puberty his voice hardly changed at all. It's just that Chinen's voice changed and then cracked. JE is lucky it only happened to Chinen. Do you know how many child singers completely lose their voice as they get older? A LOT! Chinen's just another victim to that.

    I actually didn't like the way he used to sing. It was too childish, and made me feel weird everytime I listened to HSJ. XD

  3. Sometimes I like his voice, such as when he sings for endless love or shinku. there are songs that suite his voice. sometimes I also find when HS7 sing Chinen's voice can be the only one sounds different. I thought few of his lines that he sings for HSJ could be given to Ryutaro. he has such smooth & nice deep voice & he can sing the high note too. although he also goes through the puberty he still has smooth voice. his voice always blends pretty well with any kind of voice, even when he's singing duet with yuto in showa x heisei show.

  4. There are a few times I can stand his voice. His voice works mostly for cute songs. Smile song, Ganbaretsugo, School Kakumei etc.
    But that's it really. He doesn't even really sound good in them. It's just the overal tone in his voice that mixes well with the music.

    He's given lines because he's popular not because of vocal ability. And it's sad really. Because his solos in Shinku and Time would sound loads better by Daiki.

    As for the songs sounding different sung by members other than Chinen it's because you're not used to it. Any member singing anothers member's lines makes it sound weird.

    I do think Ryutaro should be getting more lines. His voice is really great. But he's just not popular enough. :/

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