AKB48’s Beginner preview

AKB48’s 18th single, Beginner, will be released on October 27th. With a little over a month until the release date we of course now have a preview of the song. But the quality is less than prefect. I’m not exactly sure where the rip came from, but it’s obviously not a radio rip.

After listening to the preview I am extremely surprised, and not in a good way. Compared to the singles AKB48 usually releases the music and song sounds completely bland. There’s not really anything about it that draws you in. To me it sounds like a song that Kitade Nana would release. And it is the tiniest bit reminiscent of Arashi’s Monster. It seems like AKB48 was trying to do a rock type song. But it turned out to be too dark and too serious. They should have mixed rock and cute, like Buono and Moon Kana do. Personally I would have liked the song better if they did. And I was completely thrown off by the random screams in the middle. AKB48 seems so out of place trying to do something more serious and aggressive. But I’m sure this single will still sell like 600,000 copies just because they are AKB48. But in all honesty if Morning Musume was doing a single like this I could see Morning Musume fans, and AKB48 fans that hate Morning Musume, complaining about it.

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  1. Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou was a serious song they did before, plus they have a ton of serious songs from stages. It is Acchan who was screaming because she got stabbed in the hand. They showed the PV and performed it after the Janken tournament.

  2. I love this song, it's something different 😀 I'm personally fed up of all the BOING BOING SQUEE CUTE LOLOLOLOLOL. AKB48 stuff. Well okay…I don't follow them that closely. But the very fact that there are so many of them makes it hard to get to know them and their style of music which seems to be defined as "Whatever the wotas like" xD This might get me into AKB48, or it might not….because frankly, singing and dancing cutely does not get a group into my like books ;w;

  3. @Yanki: I honestly haven't heard much AKB48 songs, I'm not gonna deny that. But as I have said before I prefer idols to sing more upbeat music rather than serious. I will probably grow to like this song, but it most likely won't be one of my favorites. Same thing with H!P and JE more serious songs.

    @Merodi: I don't instantly love this song, I may grow to like it. I love all the boing boing squee songs! Hence why I listen to idol music. XD It is hard to follow them closely, which is why I still don't follow them as closely as I'd like to. Singing and dancing cutely is what AKB48 is all about. And most idols for that matter.

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