Arashi Dear Snow preview

A preview for Arashi’s 33rd single, Dear Snow, has been released. The song is being used as the theme for the film Ooku staring Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari.

I’ve said in this blog several times before that I don’t really like ballads too much. So I was a little bit sad that this single is so slow paced. Since Troublemaker, Monster, To Be Free, and Love Rainbow were amazing I was hoping for another instantly catchy song. But after the third listen, I’m actually starting to like it. Despite the lack of singing ability in some Arashi members, Arashi does haramonize beautifully. So the chorus is definitely my favorite part of the song. It’s a pretty present song to listen to. And much like most of Arashi’s songs it has sickingly sweet lyrics you can’t help but not like.

Dear Snow will be released on October 6th. Here’s the preview.