NEWS Live album preview

My favorite JE group ever NEWS is releasing their 4th album on September 15th. Which is 2 days from now! You might remember I made about a month ago about my dilemma about deciding between NEWS’s and Miyavi’s CDs. Well, in the end I ultimately chose NEWS. However, because of my mom’s stroke I was unable to have her buy it for me. Which I’m pretty sad over. But my mom assured me that I will get it when she is gets a little better and we actually have the money for it. XD

Details about this album have been coming out periodically over the last couple weeks. But due to my infection I couldn’t blog about it. And I am extremely upset over that. I missed the whole moment of glee when the tracklist was released, and gushing over the covers. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I mean the song previews are even out! And have been for over a week! But whatever, I’m a HUGE NEWS fangirl and I intend to blog about their album to it’s full extent. Starting with the tracklist. The track list to Live is as follows:

1: Koi no ABO0
3: Umare shi kimi e
4: Supernatural
5: Aki no Sora
6: 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki
7: Dancin’in the Secret
8: Wonderland
9: Sakura Girl
11: D.T.F
12: Naiyou no nai Tegami
13: Endless Summer
14: Share
15: Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

And here’s the preview for each song.

The first songs that sticks out to me are Share and Forever. Obviously because they were both sang at NEWS’s Winter Diamond Party concerts. But they stick out for different reasons. Share sticks out to me because Share should not even be on the album. Share was released as a b-side track on their Koi no ABO single. Yes I do like the song Share. And yes I wanted a live version of it as soon as I heard it. But releasing it on the album seems lazy to me. Like they needed one more song on the album and just threw it in there.
And Forever sticks out because as soon as I heard it on the Live Diamond DVD I wanted it to be released on an album. It was like Snow Express all over again.
Overall I am completely in love with what I hear. They’re the standard happy sort of good feeling songs like I love about NEWS so much. And of course I love NEWS’s super upbeat songs over their softer ones. So 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki, Wonderland, Dancin in the Secret, and Be Funky being my immediate favorites. And Aki no Sora, D.T.F, and Live becoming my secondary favorites. As always NEWS delivers more than I expect. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever my favorite artists announces a new album at first I am extremely happy, but after that I’m in a state of utter panic. I am always worried what if the album turns out to be utter garbage. And I do that will all my music. From Idol music to Jrock to American music. I hope I’m not alone in that. XD

I also have a random thought about the album. Is it supposed to be live, as in to live, or live, as in they’re performing live. I have no idea what I’m supposed to even call the album! XD