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Recently I watched Akanishi Jin’s moive Bandage. Well actually now it wasn’t as recently as I would have liked it to have been. But personal things have pushed this post back by a lot. Anyway, while I was watching the movie I decided to make a post about the movie. Since I never review movies or dramas, I thought it would be fun to do a movie review. And this review will contain spoilers, not like there is much to spoil anyway.

Let me start this review off by saying the sole purpose I watched this movie was for Jin. Much like a lot of people did. And I guess that really wasn’t a very smart thing to do, because I didn’t really care for the movie very much. Yes, of course I enjoyed looking at Jin for roughly an hour and a half. (Who wouldn’t?) But beyond that the movie was extremely bland. The movie lacked substance, and it didn’t really have a story line.

Let’s start off with the main thing about the movie that irked me. The whole Natsu and Asako relationship. Oh wait, I can’t talk about that because they didn’t have one. The trailer said it was a coming of age story, that alluded to a romance. And I’m a sucker for a good romance, especially when the male lead is hot. The movie starts out with Asako going to see LANDS live with a friend. The friend, who I might add, she ditches and sees once every 3 years. XD And Asako starts off being a little bit under Natsu’s spell, but that wear off in 5 minutes. So the whole movie is Natsu loving Asako from a far, and Asako keeping him at arms length and being all angsty and selfish. The movie jumps like 8 months in the future and I though, “Oh man, we’re finally going to get some Natsu Asako action!” But of course not. Natsu might love her from a far, but you never really see that he has any real interest in her until like the middleish of the movie. Throughout it Natsu just seems to be a little flirty. And it’s completely frustrating that this movie is completely not the love story I was hoping for!

Another thing I hated was the lack of a storyline. The movie was the somewhat rise of the band. And that is it! And absolutely nothing else happened! No addiction to drugs, no huge groupie orgy, no alcohol induced car crash, no suicide attempts, and no angsting against fame. What kind of rock star is he? I don’t know what the writers of this movie have heard, but this is what real bands are up to. Even Japanese bands from the 90’s. Anything like this would have made the movie miles more intense. But instead we got to see the ever interesting recording process, the lyric witting process, getting signed, arranging music, and being a manager. How exciting! The movie pretty much seemed liked a CD making of and behind the scenes footage of the concert. If I wanted to see that I’d watch the tour documentary of NEWS’S Live Diamond again. Which was much more entertaining. It was a very mundane version of being in a band. Granted this is what it’s REALLY like to be in a band. But I’m watching a movie here, the last thing I want from a movie is realism. I want fantasy, I want adventure, I want entertainment. In all honesty NANA was a better band movie then Bandage was. And I would recommend watching NANA over Bandage any day. At least exciting things happened in NANA. And if you want a hot guy, Hiraoka Yuta is in NANA. Sure he may not be Jin’s level of hottness, but he’s still pretty hot.

The last thing I disliked about Bandage was the ending. First off it flashed forward 2 years into the future. In that time Asako hadn’t spoken to Natsu. She goes up in the recording area, see’s Natsu is recording and starts to cry. Then the credits roll! I hate movies that do that. Where they don’t completely end the story. I want to know what happens next. Do they finally become a couple? Does Natsu still hate her? Is Asako done being so whiney? We will never know. And I hate that.

Since this is a movie review I couldn’t help but taking a few screencaps of the movie. 😀

This part made a lol. No, literally lol. I giggled like an idiot at this part. Mostly because it was unexpected, kinda funny, and I thought the movie would be awesome. Obviously I was wrong. XD And that just seems like something Jin would say in real life.

Engrish it’s everywhere. If you can’t read it, it say’s: No smoke no future, and do a rat. Personally I would have preferred smorke over smoke, but this was still pretty random.

LOLZ! Gotta love the movie foreshadowing KAT-TUN’s future.

I hate that this magazine is called Japanese. When it’s pretty obvious it’s supposed to be Oricon Style. Japanese is stupid. They should have called it magazine over that.

I really hate that the No Names stopped making music. Just when they were so close to reaching number 1 on the Oricom charts.

WTF is up with this dude? He’s so emo!

I’d kill to have Jin that close to me. How could anyone ever turn him down?

I might not have enjoyed Bandage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. XD For anyone who wants to watch the movie you can watch the stream here. The here is clickable incase that’s not clear to some people. XD

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  1. I have to agree with you will the movie review. I wish there was more to their relationship a bit more. I still enjoyed the movie tho :] Jin make is so much better<3 Haha but the ending KILLED ME! That really got me upset, I was like is this really over????????? and yes it was…I even watched all the credits just in case something was at the end even though I knew there was going to be nothing I wanted to know lol but ehh other than that I enjoyed the movie pretty well :]

  2. I wanted more to their relationship too! I mean, what they had I wouldn't even call a relationship. It was more of a friendship.
    I have to disagree with you though. I didn't really like the movie too much. It was pretty boring if you ask me. Jin being in it was like the only positive I have for the movie.
    Me too! They like alluded that, that means they will finally be together. But we'll never know. XD I didn't even bother watching the credits. I was too frustrated to even think they're might be something after the credits. Lol.

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