Dance de LED

When the preview for Dance de Bakoon came out I fell in love with the song. I just completely thought it was super fun and cute. Like the music C-ute used to make. Because honestly their last 5 singles weren’t really all that spectacular. With the exception of Shock of course. And Bye Bye Bye has been growing on my recently.
That being said I had extremely high hopes for the PV. And the PV didn’t disappoint me. I actually think it’s a decent PV, with some good aspects to it. The dance is really cool, the girls look absolutely incredible, and the PV itself is a colorful explosion. But I don’t think it’s just not energetic enough. Their energy is at like a 60 or 70. But I want to see it at 100%! The dance is really the only super energetic part of the PV. Some of the close ups fall a little bit flat. Maybe I’m just being too picky about it. Still I think the PV is about a 6/10. Campus life was about a 3. It wasn’t even eventful to make a post about. So that tells you something is definitely right about this PV.

Well onto the PV.

When I first saw this is was like, “Oh no. This is going to be a mix of Dakishimete Dakishimete and Onna ge Medatte Naze Ikenai.”

Unnecessary boot close up. I don’t understand why PVs do pointless close ups of shoes. XD

That had does nothing for Chisa. It actually makes her look rather homesly. o_O

WTF are these abominations disguising themselves as PV oufits?

Ok, the ride em cowboy dance move is a little loltastic.

The worst Airi has ever looked. XD

Waracchaou yo Boyfriend! I just had to. XD

Maimi looks super pretty.

This is how Chisato should always look. Gorgeous!

Maimi’s cuteness in this PV is killing me. And lolz at Airi’s eyes closed.

Even Mai is looking cute. And she hardly ever stands out to me.


Woah, some of these close ups are down right scary.

Wait, wait. So it’s really Dance de Bacoon?

Cute x2!

I cannot stop looking at Maimi during the PV!

And then Airi steals my heart!

Airi is love!

Reminds me of the Honto no Jibun dance.

Kinda creepy, but still kinda cute. XD

OMG! They did copy off Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai!