9th generation auditions announced

You know when they say, “careful what you wish for,” I completely understand what they mean.
Well it finally happened 9th generation auditions have officially been announced. But at what price. I lost 3 of my favorite Morning Musume members for this to happen. Koharu, Eri, and LinLin. But that’s what happens with a swinging door idol group. You recycle old members, and new ones come. It’s just an inevitability being in this fandom. One day your favorite is going to leave. Having said that, it doesn’t really ease the pain or make it easier to take.

But that’s not what this post is about. I already whined enough in my previous post. This post is all about the upcoming 9th generation Morning Musume auditions! Tsunku has announced that Morning Musume will be auditioning for the 9th gen. You can view the official website here or read about it in his blog here. The girls participating in the audition must be ages 10-17.

Even though I am extremely sad that 3 members are leaving I am still super excited to finally get some new Monring Musume members. This will be my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. I can’t wait for it to happen and wait with baited breathe for the new members to be picked.

I am a little disappointed with about the age though. 10-17 seems really young. Even if Morning Musume did have international auditions it sucks that I’m too old for it now. TOT But what also is pretty cool everything I said I wanted to happen with 9th gen seems to be happening. Ok I said the 9th gen auditions would be announced in February and it’s August, but that’s still pretty close. I also said that Morning Musume also needs some young girls thrown into the mix, about 12 years old. And what do you know. This generation is accepting the youngest girls any generation has ever accepted. Then I also said Ai-chan will most likely pull a Yossie. Be around just long enough to train the new member(s) before graduating herself. I hope that actually happens. Ai-chan has been a member long enough. And so has Risa for that matter.