The world seems to stop as Morning Musume loses 3 members

Tsunku has announced at today’s H!P Summer Concert that 3 members will be graduating from Morning Musume. Those members will be: 6th generation member Kamei Eri, and 8th generation members LinLin and JunJun. Eri will be graduation because she has been a long time sufferer of the skin disease atopic dermatitis. There is also no official plans for her activities after graduating from Morning Musume. LinLin and JunJun are graduating because they have honed their skills as singers, and are now grown up women. After graduating from Morning Musume LinLin and JunJun will be going back to China to focus on a career there. You can read Tsunku’s full statement in Japanese and English here on Morning Musume’s myspace blog.

I am in such a state of shock now that I can barely speak. It has literally taken me 15 minutes to start to write this. I am so speechless now. This news is so unexpected I’m at a loss for words. But let’s just start from the beginning. When I first read 3 members were graduating I thought I was getting my dream. Ai, Risa, and Sayumi are finally going to graduate. But when I clicked on who was leaving I was flabbergasted. I read Eri and I was like “Oh no! That’s horrible,” but I could honestly take that. I mean she’s 6th gen I could see it happening. But then when I read LinLin and JunJun I had to do a double take. I mean really, LinLin and JunJun? They are 8th gen for god’s sake!

And right now that’s where I am. I am officially over being on the verge of tears and I am in full on rant mode!
First off, and pardon my French, but are you fucking kidding me? The 8th generation is graduating but the 5th is safe for a another year or so! Ai and Risa have been in Morning Musume for 9 years. Nine years! Let them go already! Enough is enough! I know Ai-chan is the current vocal powerhouse of Momusu, but that’s not my problem. If Tsunku would just spread the lines more he wouldn’t be in this crippling co-dependency with Ai! He has made it so Morning Musume will fall apart without her, so she escapes another graduation! Well guess what, he’s also now running the risk of Morning Musume falling apart with Ai-chan in it.
And why is that? Well I will tell you. Only 5 members of Morning Musume can actually sing. And those are Ai, Risa, Reina, Eri, and LinLin. Aika is a good singer too, but I’m talking about good enough to lead songs. And now 2 of those girls are leaving. Leaving Momusu basically an empty shell, for the time being of course. But I highly doubt any of the new 9th gen will be so spectacular that they lead their debut single. Let’s be realistic here, we’re most likely not going to have another Shabondama situation. Not only that, but who is going to take over Eri’s lines during concerts? They made here such a big part of the singles!
And according to seniority Sayumi will most likely be taking over Eri’s lines! Well I hope people remind me to bring my ear plugs every time I watch a Morning Musume concert from now on. Because Sayumi is garbage, absolute garbage. Don’t feed me the, “well Sayumi has improved greatly,” either because the girl can not sing. She can’t. She’s narcissistic and whiny. Bottom line, the only reason she is still a member of Morning Musume is because she’s cute, looks good in a bikini, and the wota have a hard on for her. And it’s just completely sad. And I know she’s an idol, and idols aren’t the best singers. But if you don’t want to lose her profit have her go solo, put her in a group. Anything! But just get her out of Morning Musume.
She is taking up LinLin’s spot! Listen to LinLin sing and tell me she wasn’t robbed! You listen to LinLin’s solo in Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are from the Platinum 9 Disco concert and tell me that LinLin didn’t deserve to be the sub-leader of Morning Musume one day. Just try to because you can’t! Listen to her Chinese version of Watarasebashi on Bijou Houdan and tell me it wasn’t so beautiful it didn’t almost bring you to tears!

I just can not fathom what Tsunku was possibly thinking! This has got to be one of the worst decisions Tsunku has ever made. I understand the line up hasn’t been changed in years, but to graduate 4 members in less than a year, is just too much! Especially 3 of my favorite members of Morning Musume! So until the 9th gen joins Morning Musume will be 3 members I hate, and 2 that I love. Not really the best odds there. And there’s no way I will ever instantly love a 9th generation member. It took me 2 years to realize I love LinLin. Aika was just a fluke.

This is just too much bad news for me to possibly bare. I mean, I don’t really follow Chinese music. So you might as well say I will never hear from LinLin again. And who’s to say she will even have a career? Ice Creamusume have been MIA for like 2 years now. I can’t even express how I am feeling in words. It’s a mix between sadness and anger.

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  1. No way!!! >.<
    Morning Musume will be so empty without them
    Eri and LinLin are also the really funny members of MM >.<
    Without them the group might not be as fun-loving

    I say we go murder Tsunki before some other wota gets there first

  2. I know, right! I can't imagine Momusu without them! They completely won't be as fun loving. After losing Koharu, Eri, and LinLin, Morning Musume losing all it's personality. The remaining 5 girls are bland. :/

    I'm all for that! XD

  3. But theres another thing…
    Since Eri and the pandas are gone >.< then when Ai and Risa graduate (which SHOULD happen together) then that would leave Reina as leader (which isn't too bad considering she already has quite a bit of screen time, plus her voice is pretty good too) and Sayumi as subleader (le gasp!)
    As much as I am fond of Sayumi and her singing skills are getting better, I don't think she's ready to be subleader yet…

    Does that mean Ai and Risa won't be able to graduate at all (for a long time) because theres no suitable people to take over the leader and subleader spots?

    Or maybe only one of them (probably Risa then) will go and Reina would be subleader?

    Anyways, nothing sounds like a really good plan right now.

    Morning Musume = C-ute
    5 members >.<

  4. You wish that would leave Reina as the leader, but it won't! Sadly when Risa and Ai graduate it would leave Sayumi as the leader. Since Sayumi is 4 months older than Reina, and leadership is handed over to the oldest. I'm really not looking forward to that. :/

    I think Ai and Risa won't graduate for another year and it has nothing to do with the leader and sub-leader. They can't graduate right now because only Risa, Ai, and Reina can actually sing. So if they leave the entire group will basically fall apart. They need some strong singers in the 9th gen.

    I think Risa will most likely go first, because they have to hold onto Ai as long as possible. No one can touch Ai vocally.

    I'm sure once 9th gen is in for a while everthing will be more stable. Or not. XD But I honestly don't know how well Momusu will surive this blow. They might have to add a 10th gen in one years time, then have Ai and Risa graduate after that. That would be the only thing that would help them.

  5. Seriously?
    That means that Sayumi would have to leave MM before Ai and Risa, since if the current leader/subleader leaves, that gives Sayumi a leadering position >.< I don't think Tsunku wants that, although who knows what he wants now…such strange thinking this person has XD
    Maybe they'll pull another C-ute and give the leadering position to Reina?

    That is true. If Ai and Risa goes, MM turns from a music group to a photobook group XD
    9th Generation has some pretty huge shoes to fill.
    I wonder why they're looking for only one girl though…Shouldn't they at least find 2? Since they lost 3 girls, and I'm not sure if a 6-nin group is quite that interesting, since MM was always known for having millions of members (15 ftw!)

    Although, do you think…
    The reason why they put the auditions in the 10-17 range is that they'll find some new HP Eggs? I say its high time for a new soloist =D
    Maybe they'll take all the other finalists and train them for something else. That would be exciting XD
    I mean, S/mileage is around 15 years old right? So 10 years old singers would be great as an Egg, and they can totally use a 16-17 year old soloist.

    Whatever happens, I say no to a Momosu where Ai and/or Risa graduates before Sayumi does

  6. Guys I know you would hate Sayumi as leader but still her narcissist and whiny self is an ACT i mean shes very had working guys she knows she cant sing and shes been trying her hardest to improve and I think Ai and Risa are ready to graduate I think Leaving MM in the hands Of sayumi wont ruin MM it'll be the same I mean sure losing Eri and the pandas are a bad thing but tht what makes MM MM this is just my opinion plz dont take it seriously

  7. @Serené: Yeah Sayumi definitely leave soon. Honestly she should have left now. Sayumi has gone as far as she can in Morning Musume, it's time for her to go. But Tsunku needs to hold onto Reina for as long as possible, so I honestly can't imagine what he will do to make that happen.
    He might put Sayumi in a leadership position, just to hold onto Reina.

    Someome said that finding one girl was a translated wrong. But who knows if it really wasn't or not. But Tsunku has never given a limit on the number of girls he'll take in an audition. Let's not forget he'd good also not pick anyone. Like the first 7th gen audition. You never really know what Tsunku will do.

    They could definitely find some Eggs or a new soloist. Let's not forget Kikkawa Yuu auditioned for the 8th generation, but became an Egg. And Fujimoto Miki auditioned for the 4th generation of Morning Musume. Was turned down, became a soloist, and then became a 6th gen member. So, anything is possible right now.

    I too say no to that. :]

  8. @Anonymous: Yes, I understand that her narcissism and whinyness are an act. Tsunku decided from day one to market her like that, and it obviously worked. But what you don't realize is, now that is her appeal. Even if she became the leader she would still act like that to some extent.
    However, at the same time Sayumi is not ready to be the leader. If you recall, back in the day Sayumi was supposed to be Koharu's mentor. But she said on a TV show that Koharu was so unfocused and such a handful that she began pulling out her eyebrow hair because of her. And eventually she had to have another member mentor her. Though I can't remember which member offhand. So if Sayumi couldn't handle being a mentor, how in the world is she going to handle being a leader?
    I think having Sayumi be the leader just wouldn't be a good fit. I mean the new members are going to have to be trained A LOT. Do you remember how much Yossie yelled at Koharu? Sayumi wouldn't be able to handle that. And even if she was the leader, the sub-leader would probably do a lot more leading than she should.

  9. @AimxAim
    I would love to see Sayumi acting though. There are people who say her current cuteness is all an act, but act or not, I think she would make a great actress. She has the confidence and the spirit for it =D

    Isn't the leader of Morning Musume also the leader of Hello Project? I heard somewhere that Ai-chan is the leader of Momusu and Hello Project (so Tsunku's position is Producer?) would that mean if Sayumi is leader, she'll be leading both Momusu and H!P?

    Thats true. Unexpected things tend to happen in auditions. But I don't think he can do another 7th audition result. He needs the new members, and beggars can't be choosers. I don't see him letting MM sing with only 5 members, so I doubt that he won't pick anyone.

    Miki auditioned for 4th gen? I didn't know that >.<
    This is getting interesting…

  10. I think her cuteness in the begining was an act. But after years of acting like that it probably molded into her real personality a little.

    You know that could actually happen for her. A lot of H!P members have been acting lately. So who knows, maybe Sayumi will be in a movie next.

    No that's not how it works. Ai-chan became the leader of H!P because she was the oldest member of the H!P. She took over for former H!P Nakazaw Yuko. Yuko was also the leader of H!P because she was the oldest H!P member. If Sayumi became the leader of Morning Musume, Ai-chan would still be the leader because of seniority.

    Yeah there's no way Tsunku could not pick a girl again. But I was just putting it out there that it is still a possiblity.

    Yeup Miki auditioned for the 4th gen. And LinLin was also an Egg before she joined Morning Musume. Yeah, the plot is definitely thickening. XD

  11. Welcome back =D

    This is so confusing. At least now I know what I DON'T want to be: A producer. Too much work, planning, and behind-the-scenes stuff that confuses everyone XD

    Detective Time!: In order for Ai and Risa to leave, we need…:
    1. Sayumi to reject being leader, so Reina can be leader
    2. Sayumi to Graduate
    3. Tsunku to go mad XD
    Do you think there is a possibility that Ai will graduate Morning Musume to become a soloist?

    I read your reasoning for why the auditions are 10-17 years old, and I must say, I rather agree. They probably won't even look at other auditioners, since they really need someone who is trained!

  12. Yeah there is a lot of planning with being a producer. But many people have said before that Tsunku probably doesn't have as much power over H!P as you think. You have to remember the higher ups in UFA still have a big say in what happens in Morning Musume.

    You can't reject being the leader. That would completely be disrespectful. And unheard of in Japanese culture. What needs to happen is Ai has to graduate next, Risa takes over being the leader, and then Sayumi becomes the sub-leader. Then we need to have a double graduation of Risa and Sayumi, and then have Reina step in as the leader. Giving the illusion Sayumi will become the leader, but removing her before she gets the chance. 😀 That would be a dream come true!

    There's no doubt that he needs trained girls. I'm going to speculate he'll take about 2 Eggs. But he will still take other auditioners. I mean afterall, all of Morning Musume's vocal powerhouses (and nearly all members) came from auditions. He needs to find the diamond in the rough. Like he has so many times before. Which means he CANNOT take any auditioners for looks or personality. Save the Kohas, Nonos, and Sayumis for gen 10. Or just add 1. I'm also going to predict he'll take 3 regular girls. Or it could be 3 Eggs and 2 regulars. Really any mix of that. I'm going to say he's going to take 4 if not 5 girls. Since Morning Musume will the smallest it's even been since forming with 5 members, he needs to add at least 4 new girls. Every gen, besides gen 3 and 7, have been made up of 3-4 girls. And since Momusu will be so small I'm going to estimate he'll take at least 3, 5 at the max.

  13. Ahh. UFA
    I tend to forget those people XD Expecially since I've never seen any of them before.

    You can't reject being leader? But I read somewhere that Erika rejected being C-ute's leader which is why Maimi got it even though she was the second oldest.

    It would be nice if Ai and Risa could graduate together though…they're like a pair. They came together, so it feels right if they go together.

    3 to 5 girls. Thats quite a lot, but minus the EGGS, it would be ok.
    So Tsunku is more centered on finding people like Maki Goto? That would be hard to find…
    I hope he gets paid a lot for his job. Seriously, its too much work

  14. Lol. I haven't really seen UFA people before either really. I remember a few years ago seeing a picture of some random UFA person. But I can't remember who it was or even where I saw it. O_O

    You know what, I actually remembering reading somewhere that Erika rejected being the leader. So yeah I guess you can, but I doubt that will ever happen in Morning Musume.

    Yeah it would be really nice for them to graduate as a pair. Then the entire 5th gen would have graduated in pairs. But I actually don't want that to happen. XD But it seems pretty likely that they will graduate as a pari since they've been members for 9 years.

    A lot? 3-4 members is the amount of members that join every audition. Only gen 3, and 7 have had less. Gen 3 only added Goto Maki and gen 7 added Kusumi Koharu. Gens 2 and 8 added 3 members. And gens 4,5, and 6 added 4 members. Adding less than 3 is pretty much a rarity in Morning Musume.

    I think Tsunku is always looking for members like Goto Maki. It's not really all that hard. He's done it several times before.
    Oh he most likely gets paid a lot. If not for all the producing and managing he does in Morning Musume, then he probably gets paid A LOT in royalties for all the songs he writes.

  15. I imagine them as random people in suits with their faces mosaic-ed, like what they do on the news to random passerbys. Or maybe they're all wearing sunglasses like the CIA.

    Do you think Tsunku punished Erika for rejecting by putting her in the back of the group with very little lines?
    I mean, she sounded pretty good in Shiroi Tokyo…

    Wasn't Aika the only one to pass gen.8 auditions? Or were the JunLin pair considered gen.8 too?

    I don't know much of Momusu's history, but I rather liked it when they had 15-something people. Even though not all of them got lines. The atmosphere with lots of people feels better. More cheerful 😀

    Maybe Tsunku should just step on it and get 10 members for the audition. Get the group back to the "before" time.

    I'm not sure…
    Abe Natsume used to be the main member with all the lines, but when Goto Maki came in, Abe pretty much got kicked out of front spot. No one's been able to get Reina and Ai out yet!

    I wonder if Tsunku lives in a big house and has a special room where he keeps his money. I wonder if he invests it? He can earn more that way XD

  16. Lol. That's a good way to think of them. Since we'll probably never see them ever. XD

    No, I don't think Tsunku punished her for passing up on being the leader. She was pushed in the back because she wasn't the best singer, or he didn't think she'd sell well. The same way that even though Shimizu Saki is the Captain of Berryz Koubou she's still pushed in the back. Because she's only the leader because of seniority. It's sad but that's just how it works.

    Yes, Aika was the only member to come out of the 8th generation auditions. LinLin was picked from the Eggs, and Tsunku found JunJun after she was in a singing competition in China. They are both 8th generation members. They were added in the hopes of expanding into the Chinese market. Aika was in one album, and 2 singles before LinLin and JunJun made their debut in Morning Musume.

    I wasn't a fan of Morning Musume while they had 15 members, but that is definitely my favorite era of Momusu. It was A LOT more cheerful, I really miss that. And believe it or not the lines were actually distributed pretty fairly. There's only like 2 songs from that era that are unfair line wise.

    I wish he would do something like that! But I suspect since Morning Musume will be so small he'll have an audition next year. Since Morning Musume formed they had a new gen audition nearly every year. Untill the 8th gen joined. They had a 4 year gap, for no reason. And it's signifigantly hurt them.

    That's not entirely true. Yes Nacchi and Maki were lead singers, but they weren't the only lead. Back then Morning Musume had several singers to lead the songs. There was about 4-5 lead signers back then and everone else had more minor singing roles with 1-2 solo lines. The line distribution is pretty much the same, with 4 girls leading. The only thing that has changed is the other girls weren't given any solo lines. So Ai and Reina would have never left the lead anyway. That's just how it's always been.

    Lol. I have no idea what he does with all his money. Because lets not forget not only does Tsunku have Hello!Project he also has TNX, Nice Girl Project, and Happy! Style. XD

  17. There aren't certain spots that limit the members, so please don't blame the other members for them leaving. Tsunku is an idiot, and maybe even a racist. He might of just wanted to get his foot into the Chinese market.

    Sayumi is verbally abused by Tsunku pretty much every time they record something because of her weaker vocals. She is improving, she works hard, and she loves Morning Musume. Sayumi is bullied by far the most out of anyone in Morning Musume, at least Kei-chan got her's from a place of love. Sayu is really sweet, which you can tell from her blog. You have to act for the camera, and it works. She is invited to appear solo on more TV programs that any of the current members. On top of that she has to suffer because people can see through her b*tch act.

  18. @ Yanki☆Mina

    Don't worry, none of us here are Sayumi haters XD

    Personally, I'm quite proud of Sayumi. She's gone from not being able to hold a note to being able to sing solo in concerts. Yes she's probably one of the worst singers in Morning Musume, but I also think she's has the most original voice. I mean, sometimes to me Airi sounds like Maimi, and Chisato is starting to sound like Airi AND Maimi. Sometimes Reina and Ai sound alike too. But no one (as of yet) sound quite like Sayumi. Her voice (when we actually get to hear it) stands out in a nice way. And like I said, she's improving lots.

    Also, she's a really 3D member. She has a good, complicated personallity compared to other idols out there that can be described with only 1 or 2 adjectives. I wish she'll appear on movies tv shows…she'll do great acting XD

    I wish she doesn't have to act like she's so full of herself though…I can understand her doing that and because of that act, she's quite famous in MM, but still, I wish she had chosen something else (if she had the choice).

    By the way, how do you know about the abuse when they're recording? I know about how Tsunku said she couldn't sing during the audition videos, but I didn't hear anything about the extra abuse until now.

  19. @YankiMina: I'm not blaming any other members for a member leaving, of course no one but Tsunku (or possibly a higher up), or the member themselves even decides when someone leaves. But I am merely venting that members that deserve to stay are being shoved out of the group, and members that don't deserve it are being shoved up front. Basically Sayumi.
    And JunJun and LinLin were exactly only there to brake into the Chinese market, there's no might have. That's why he held auditions in Taiwan and Morning Musume even officially got a Chinese name for their endeavors in the Chinese market. And to have them graduate because they failed is both stupid and racist.

    Yes, I have seen Tsunku yell at her for not being the best singer. Because well she's not. But you can't make the statement that he does it every time, because it's not filmed. And let's not act like only Sayumi would, or has, been yelled at. Koharu wasn't the best signer I'm sure he yelled at her tons. Speaking of Koahru do you remember just how much Yossie used to yell at Koharu because she couldn't dance? It seems like there should only be sympathy for Sayumi. Yes, Sayumi might only be acting 95/100 times. But I don't like her act, and I'm not going to like her for that glimmer of niceness she has sometimes. And I hate her because she's a terrible singer. So many fans hated Koharu just because she couldn't sing, and that was fine. But say anything wrong about Sayumi and they jump down your throat. I literally cannot say anything bad about Sayumi anywhere, without getting backlash.

    @ Serené Lin: Actually, I am a Sayumi hater. I think I've made it pretty obvious throughout my blog. But everyone has their H!P member that they hate, they would be lying if they said they didn't. But it seems that everyone loves Sayumi, so I have too. It certainty feels that way. Every time I say I don't her people assure me I'm wrong and then list all of her good qualities, as if that's going to make me change my mind. Sometimes I honestly think it would just be easier and to follow who everyone else hates. But that's ridiculous.

    Also, I'm sorry if I'm invading your convo, I know this post wasn't directed at me.

  20. @ AimxAim
    Ah yes, you don't like Sayumi all that much do you? =P
    I can't totally blame you for that. She was the last member I was able to understand/like in MM.

    I stand by what I said though: I wanna see Sayumi in a movie/tv show!

    PS: The convo is on your blog XD You have all the right to jump in randomly.

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