Ryo shows off his air guitar skills in new CM

Nishikido Ryo is staring in a new solo CM for 7-up Clear Dry. Which was just released a few hours ago.

First off, I am 100% sure that they don’t make this product here in the US. And if they do I have never seen it or heard about it. The bottle even has the label used for 7-up products sold outside the US. But I don’t see why they don’t make it here. According to the bottle it’s a zero calorie 7-up. Coke zero is really popular here, you’d think we’d have 70up Clear Dry too. But now I’m just rambling. XD

About the commercial itself, I like it. It’s really adorable. I always love when Ryo shows his dorky side. And Ryo rocking on air guitar is pretty dorky. And apparently he was really shy while he was filming the commercial. Which just adds to the cute factor of it. And I must say I completely approve of a Ryo solo commercial. Yamapi is usually the one getting all the CMs. It’s about time my beloved Ryo got another one.

7 thoughts on “Ryo shows off his air guitar skills in new CM”

  1. aw and here I was hoping it'd be as great as Tegoshi's new CM (in terms of the funny factor). but Ryo's is cute <3

  2. Their CM seem to be based more on their personalities. Teogashi's is super cute. Where Ryo's is cool and some what dorky.
    Ryo is cute!<3

  3. Lol. It's the first thing I though of when I watched the commercials.

    Me too! I also think a KoyaShige CM would be utter win!

  4. I really love your blog and the way you write, so thank you very much! <3
    I would really like to see a post with your opinion about a 9th generation for Morning Musume and how many and what kind of new members you would like to see and hear. I really hope you could dedicate a post to it. =3
    btw, I really like the way you review PVs. =)

  5. Thanks so much. I'm glad that you like m blog. And I always appreciate feedback like this. <3

    I've touched on the subject of the 9th gen in some previous posts. But I haven't gone into that great of detail about it. So I will definitely make a post like that for you. :]

    Thanks so much. <3

  6. There you have it. 9th generation auditions…. And three graduations. I am in tears because I wanted, when I finish school at the age of 18, to audition for Morning Musume(since age 12.). Now the age requirements are 10 -17 years. ToT Please dedicate the post about this new news.

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