Yamapi is One in a Million

Yampi’s PV for his 3rd solo single, One in a Million, is released. Yamapi fans rejoice! Or complain it should be a NEWS single, it’s really up to you. Upcoming NEWS concerts don’t make me less NEWS deprived. Though a new Kanjani8 single, and new Yamapi single allows me to see something new from my favorites NEWS members.

Onto the review. I’m going to keep the formula for PV reviews the same from now on. That I make the review as I’m watching the PV. That way all my comments are my immediate honest reactions.

The first scene I can already tell the PV is going to be wicked Americanized kinda like MOLA.(Song wise on PV wise) So I’m either going to hate it or think it’s hilarious. XD

I love how every name on the list, other than Yamapi’s, is an American name. As if he’d ever get into an American club.

OMG I’m on the list! I don’t know if you can read that, but inside the pink box it says Amy Burg. My name! Sure my last name isn’t Burg, but that’s just because it’s the alias I use when I go meet Yamapi. XP

It’s serious now, Yamapi’s arrived.

WTF? A foreign chick again.

Am I the only one who think random guy out of focus in the background might be hot? XD

Come right this way, Prince will escort you in now. He totally looks like a Japanese version of Prince. I’m sure his Little Red Corvette is parked right out front. 😀 I crack myself up. XD

Now the party don’t get started till I walk in.

Foreign chick numero dos.

I love how she gives Pi the evil eye. Like, “nobody walks away from me and lives to see the day.” XD

This spiral background will probably hurt my eyes after a while.

DJ Yamapi laying it down.

Yamapi does not look good here. He also doesn’t sound good with autotuning.

MIND FUCK! This effect is so simple to do, yet I’m amazed by it every time I see it. XD

This background is just awesome!

For a second it looked like Prince was gonna kiss Yamapi.

Hot face!

Dude, this guy look like Eddy Gordo! If Eddy Gordo were real. XD

Oh WTF, now all of a sudden Prince is a pimp.

Eh, his “who is that” face isn’t really that hot.

Oh gross. His one in a million is list checker chick. Yamapi could do better than hair. That blonde haired girl from the beginning of the PV was way prettier.

Aww she only has eyes for Prince.

Or he’s her drug hook up.

Yamapi says “soon my pretty you will be mine.”

Guess it’s time to awkwardly follow her.

I wish I could get that close to Yamapi.

Or that close. *O*

Just kiss already! But they won’t, because fangirls would HATE it.

That’s it?! I feel ripped off.

Oh WTF, it was just a dream!

Or not?

6 thoughts on “Yamapi is One in a Million”

  1. The comments on the different scenes of the PV were hilarious XD

    Admittedly I was quite disappointed with this song. Auto-tune annoys me XD In ym opinion Yamapi isn't really a good singer (not that I don't love him) his voice can't really go high (not that I mind XD) <— I think i'm just an angry NEWS fan wishing they would release more than one single a year (I'm not wanting them to release anything like Arashi…that would be insane XD)

    I seriously think they should stop Amercanizing things but then again maybe the Japanese fans like that sort of thing?

    The backgrounds totally made my head spin…it was fun to watch..atleast it looks like they spent money on this PV XD

  2. I'm glad you liked them. :]

    I was really dissapointed with the song also. First, off I'm a big fan of auto tuning.(Best thing to happen to American hip hop ever! XD) But Yamapi's voice doesn't sound well with auto tuning, and it just ruins his voice.
    I love Yamapi's voice. He might not be able to hit notes like Tegoshi, but in my opinion he's still the 2nd best singer in NEWS.
    I wish they would release more then one sinlge too! I'm so sad with the way things are going with NEWS. But us NEWS fans most likely have a concert DVD to look forward to sometime this year. :]

    I actually have no idea if Japanese fans like it. They might very well. XD

    Me too. x_x Of course they spend a lot of money on it Yamapi got NEWS's budget. Lol. :]

  3. Doesn't he! The whole video I was waiting for him to come into focus. But of course he never did. So sad. :/

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