Kanjani8’s not so Wonderful World

The PV for Kanjani8’s newish single Wonderful World has been released recently. That’s right Wonderful World can’t be called their new single anymore since they’re releasing yet another new single entitled LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ on August 25th. Which is being used as theme to Okura Tadayoshi’s drama. So I guess NEWS just gets totally screwed for a second year in a row. But whatever.

Since one of my lovely readers asked me personally to review this PV I had to. Which I most likely would have done anyway because Kanajani8 PVs are so random. But it wasn’t really a simple task to review this PV.
And let me just say I officially hate Johnny. After JE cried and said they don’t want any of their videos shared on streaming sites, you can’t find them on streaming sites at all! Well you can but in horrible quality. And since I like to have pictures of the PV, I had to download it. I absolutely hate downloading anything, since it takes entirely too long. I wasted 35 minutes on a video I deleted right after watching. But enough ranting and on to the actual PV review.

Tough break. You might want to take it to a legit mechanic though.

I didn’t think it was possible, You actually looks semi attractive.

Of course Ryo is looking as good as ever.

Everyone gather around the Mystery Machine! But seriously, why are they wearing psychedelic
print they use in Scooby Doo merchindise?

And yet this is not attractive at all.

Good to know that Shingo hasn’t fixed his teeth or face yet.

Just when Tadayoshi was looking consistently good throughout the PV he does this. But I gotta say the colorful background scenes are my favorite part.

Now I remember why I don’t follow Kanjani8 that closely.

WTF. Does he really have to keep constantly making supid faces?

Quick everyone pretend like you’ve never seen a girl before.

Of course they had to make her foreign. At least that gives Ryo something to do after the filming wraps up.


If these are your “I want you” faces we’ve got some serious problems.

Cheap effect!

Look how cute Ryo looks here. And how he looks like he’s too cool to be in Kanjani8.

This is probably the gayest part of the PV. ._.

Even Ryo isn’t immune from stupid faces.

Though he makes up for it with this face.

And completely ruins it with this face! But I love the brand new day font. XD

I’m really surprised this is the first stupid face Ryuhei makes.

Adorable! And lol at You in the background.

Good old Ryuhei I knew he had another stupid face in him.

I don’t exactly get who making out with her van will get in into her pants. But what do I know?

Tadayoshi sees you where ever you are. This is much more I’m gonna stalk you then I’m in love with you.


Invisible girlfriend.

Subaru actually looks kinda cute in this PV. I think I need my eyes checked. XD

Anytime Ryo plays guitar it’s hot.

Except here.

Ryo bias.

I can haz kiss now?

Or an overwhelming amount of presents.

Gross, I’d take Shingo over him. Though I don’t know. It would be horrible either way. XD


Aww looks how sad Ryo looks.

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7 thoughts on “Kanjani8’s not so Wonderful World”

  1. I was about to go HOW DARE YOU BLABLABLABLA HOW DARE YOU BE SO MEAN TO EITO but I can't because I'm laughing too much xD This is complete comedy genius I swear :' D
    (but I do disaprove of this ryo bias xD) And poor Hina and his unfortunate face. He can't even sing. He is there purely to pretend to be the sensible one xD Which as we can see, DOES NOT WORK. I could list all your comments on this that I found hilarious, but I think it's the whole thing. And I was wonderring what was with the foreign girl…xD XD XD AND TACCHONS CREEPY STROKING OF THE CAR is in my mind the most WTF thing out of this PV. Like he has some kind of crazy fetish D8 xD And IMO (COUGH icanhas fangirl bias too) Marus crazy faces make any Kanjani8 PV. To be completely honest, the song kind of disapointed me though. But Life ~Me no mae no Mukou e~ involves them playing their own instruments. Which IS what they excell at xD Except Yoko can't play anything. lulz.
    AND did I or did I not hear a rumour that NEWS had a single coming out later this month? I love Kanjani8 a lot, but I've had loads of people going "I HATE KANJANI8, THEY RUIN NEWS CHANCES OF NEW SINGLES!". I thought NEWS were the more popular group 0_0 weird. ANYWWAAAAY. Thanks for this 🙂 You are wersome.

  2. LOL. We'll I'm glad that you like it. :] Though aside from stupid faces, I think it's a little tame. I will never be satisfied until they release another ultra gay PV! XD (How can you disapprove of my Ryo bias? Ryo is amazing.<3)

    Yeah Shingo is gross. And he completely can't sing! You's voice is horrible too, worse than Shingo's. In my opinion, Ryo, Tadayoshi, and Subaru are the only ones who can actually sing. ._.

    Yeah I don't get the foreign chick either. Or why they made her boyfriend some angry black guy. I don't konw, but to me that seemed a little bit racist. XD
    And Lolz. Yeah the car thing was a definite WTF moment. But if he had a weird car fetish wouldn't he be kissing the car and not Subaru? lol.
    Yeah Ryuhei's faces definitely give some much needed lolz. But honestly Shingo's faces were win for me in this PV.
    I agree with the song not being incredibly amazing. But I've had the Wonderful, Wonderful World parts stuck in my head for like 4 days now. o_O

    That's cool that they all play their instruments in Life ~Me no mae no Mukou e~. But I didn't know anyone, beyond Ryo, could play anything. (I obviously don't know much about Kanjani8 XD)

    I know what you mean it can be annoying people saying Kanjani8 ruins NEWS chances, but I don't really just blame Kanjani8 solely for it. XD I swear Johnny has to secretly hate NEWS now because Kanjani8 gets 2 singles this year, Tegomass got a single, CD, and tour, and Yamapi is getting another solo single. Like everything that keeps NEWS from being super active happened all at once this year! And it makes me sad, since I'm a HUGE NEWS fangirl.
    As for a new NEWS single rumor, I haven't heard of it! Where did you hear that?! XD The last rumor I heard was Be Funky was going to be their news single, but that was a couple months ago. And there's been no confirmation. I'm so NEWS deprived. TOT

  3. WHAT THE!? XD Haven't listened to any song by this group but they seem full of… personality? They're really brave to wear those things XD

    That Ryo guy is indeed cute.

  4. Kanjani8 is full of personality, that's their whole schtick. Since their from Kansai they have to act wild and crazy like most people from Kansai are like.

    Yeah I guess they are. XD You should watch their It's My Soul PV. Those outfits are ultra gay and embarrassing.

    Yes! Nishikido Ryo is incredibly sexy and cute.<3 He's from NEWS also, you should listen to NEWS. Best JE group in my opinion.

  5. I'm kinda used to Arashi's music right now (I mean, know the singles and stuff… still need to download the albums though), but I think I'm ready to explore another JE group 🙂 don't know where to start though, but since you say NEWS is the best group well we'll see ^^

    Well at least this group is full of personality hehe they seem to be really interesting (as a group of persons), not sure about their songs though LOL XD

  6. That's where I am with Arashi too. I usually watch JE concerts to hear the songs, and to see if they're worth downloading/liking. After I watched a KAT-TUN concert I realized most of their album songs sucked. XDXD
    When you explore a JE group it all depends on what type of music you like. NEWS is usually overly cute, same with HSJ. KAT-TUN is more rockish/hip hopish. Kajani8 is all over the place. And those are the only JE groups I follow. XD But NEWS is totally amazing!<3

    Yeah they're usually really fun to watch on TV shows. I'm not a not fan of their music though. XD But their good for when you're in a weird mood.

  7. Well normally I would be mad at someone making fun of them….But it's so easy to make fun of them XD

    I thought the whole PV was hilarious…it was very Kanjani8ish XD With the weird floral prints outfits the odd faces the bad effects which show that as usualy the company did not spend much money on them (seriously their debut story was hilarious…they actually wanted to go to Hawaii XD)

    I'm totally okay with the RYo bias because he's who got me into JE in the first place XD Although now in K8 I have a Tacchon bias XD His weird car loving was awesome (not creppy at all XD)

    I like the song they're using for their next single though (more than Wonderful World for this song I can only remember the part where they start singing Wonderful World)

    Hina is <3 No matter how ugly he is <– it was hilarious when some juniour called him ugly XD

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