Maji Bomber CMs

I don’t really like posting about PV previews or commercials too much. Because it always seems with my horrible luck the PV is released like the next couple of days. And then my post is pretty pointless. But it’s been 4 days since the CM was released and no PV, so I think it’s ok to mention. And besides that, Maji Bomber is too epic not to blog about.

Within the last four days 2 commercials were released for Berryz Koubou’s 23rd single, Maji Bomber. Combined they’re 45 seconds of the PV itself. Which is a pretty decent enough preview, you get the whole feel of the PV. The PV looks incredible. The PV itself is actually really simple, and there’s really nothing going on. So what makes it so incredible? For starters, the song itself. Maji Bomber is an amazing song. It is hands down my favorite Berryz Koubou A-side ever! It’s just an incredible son. I won’t say it’s my favorite Berryz Koubou song because I don’t think any song will ever replace Baka ni Shinaide.
But more importantly what makes the PV so epic is the girls themselves. These outfits and Rivals outfits are probably my favorite Berryz Koubou PV outfits. They all just looks amazing! I mean I could cry over how incredible Chinami looks!

Yeah that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the PV, because I am 100% going to do a PV review of it. And I don’t want to put all my best comments in this post. Also with my rotten luck expect the PV to be out tomorrow. XD

Maji Bomber commercial 1

Maji Bomber commercial 2

2 thoughts on “Maji Bomber CMs”

  1. I loved the PV previews but everyone else were like "sucks sucks" wtf XD

    They all look so amazing ^^

  2. So much energy in the song and dance!

    The sparkly background reminds me of S/mileage =D

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