Hey! Say! JUMP-Smile Song preview

Today’s School Kakumei live stage was a bit of a surprise. Mostly because they sang Smile Song, which I didn’t expect to hear until the July 5th episode of Shounen Club. It was pretty much a happy surprise. I was pretty happy to hear the songs early. But I’ll be even happier when I hear the complete song.

I actually like what I hear of the song so far. It’s happy and upbeat, and totally sounds like all the other songs Hey! Say! JUMP has. Which is awesome, now it makes me even more impatient for the album. Can’t it be July 7th already!
I was also really happy that it wasn’t a Chinen solo song. I was afraid because he wrote it, it would be a solo song. But thank god it’s not.

I also love that 4 members get solos. Which means in the full version most likely everyone will get a solo line. Which is pretty exciting. I’m 100% sure the solo lines are as follows: Chinen, Daiki, Hikaru(maybe Ryutaro?), Inoo, and Yuto. The first time I listened to it I was positive that it was Yabu, but hearing Yuto’s sing kitto it’s pretty obvious that it’s his voice. If I mistook Yuto’s voice for Yabu’s that just proves how much of a good singer Yuto is, and how much a deserves more solo lines!

I’m like 75% sure it’s Hikaru singing the third solo line.(technically 4th since Chinen sings 2 solo lines XD) I mean it sounds like Hikaru’s voice when he’s singing softly. But after listening to Ganbaretsugo again, it also kinda sounds like it could be Ryutaro’s voice. But I guess we won’t know 100% until the Shounen Club episode. Here’s to hoping I’m right. XD

Here’s the song. :]

4 thoughts on “Hey! Say! JUMP-Smile Song preview”

  1. Thanks for posting the preview 🙂
    And i'm relieved it's a group song so far i'm more and more exited to hear the album ! But Chinen seem to lead the song so maybe every song is lead by the jump member who wrote it…well we never know with johnny's anyway xD

  2. You're welcome. :]

    I'm excited to hear it's a group song too. But it also makes me think they're previewing it here and singing it at Shounen Club because it's the fairest song line distribution wise. And the rest of the album will be pretty Ryosuke heavy. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing things too much. XD

    I was thinking the same thing that each member leads their song. But I also think that in the next verse Ryosuke might take Chinen's part. Like in the second verse he'll sing the first two solo lines, then the rest of the members get a solo.
    Also if members lead their own song it wouldn't really be fair. Since not every member wrote a song. And Yabu and Hikaru each wrote 2 songs. But I definitely approve of a Yuto lead. <3

  3. Ok i just see that the song Ryosuke wrote is a solo…maybe you're not overanalyzing things too much after all XD

    And yeah you're right it would be not fair since not everyone wrote a song. It's pretty sad actually that Ryutaro, Keito and Inoo are the more shafted member when it comes to the lyric/arrangement of the song. Okay they supposed to play a instrument but it seems they just put that for the fans who complains that they favorite member doesn't wrote a song.
    I think Yuto deserve so much to at least lead his song he as a great singing voice ^^

  4. Yeah I saw that is was a solo too. I just knew he would get a solo song! XD Yeah, but I most likely am overanalyzing things too much. Ryosuke only got a solo cause he's the most popular member. I doubt anyone else will get one. If they did it would be Chinen or Yabu, since they're next in line for most popular. But Chinen's isn't a solo song, so yeah. XD

    Keito, Ryutaro, and Inoo get shafted with everything. It's sad. :/ Granted I don't like Keito or Ryutaro that much, so I don't really mind. But I love Inoo! XD
    I agree with you on the instrument thing. Especially since them playing instruments was thrown in a few days after the official track list was released. :/

    Yuto does deserve more. Yuto used to be shoved upfront more. But recently Chinen's been taking a lot of his spotlight. :[ His singing voice is good, but he's still only the 4th or 5th best signer in JUMP. In my opinion of course.

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