KAT-TUN trades pain for war

KAT-TUN released a new album called No More Pain, and unexpectedly released a PV for the title track. They obviously made a new album so they’d have new songs to sing at their tour in Asia. But they most likely made a PV for it so Jin fans aren’t too upset that he’s absent from yet another KAT-TUN album. Which seems like the only reason because it’s pretty rare to release a PV to promote an album. Johnny’s artists, and Japanese artists in general, don’t seem to do it too often. Though I kind of wish Hey! Say! JUMP was doing the same thing. It’s their first album, they need all the promotion they can get.

Since I’m too lazy, I’m going to just make comments on the PV as I watch it. Instead of what I usually do. Which is give my opinion of the PV and then posting my favorite screen caps. It’s much easier on me this way, and is probably more interesting for the reader. But yes, on to the PV.

The PV itself is a little weird. The war centered PV has thousands of Nazi-esque soldiers marching behind the KAT-TUN members who appear to be Captains.

They also wear weird army helmets that collapse in on themselves. Which is very reminiscent to Star Gate if you ask me.

Come to think of in the beginning they focus on them being near(and later on top of) what is obviously a Mayan pyramid. Which is also strange, it’s not even 2012.

What’s up with the butterfly on Ueda’s cheek? It’s stuff like this that make me not want to admit I think he’s hot. ._.

I love Kame and all but the dude’s wearing too much makeup. It makes him look massively girly. And this is coming from someone who loves VK guys. From someone who thinks the hottest Kame has ever looked is in the Lips PV. But it’s just too much for me, I’m not into it.

I gotta say, I absolutely love the dark tones of the video. It’s like Rescue 2.0. Which is fitting because Going was Signal 2.0.

Glad to see Koki back to his black hair, and back to looking incredibly sexy.

And yet from this angle Kame looks hot. ._.

Ueda’s looking girlier than ever in this video.

Had to post this for lolz. I randomly paused it and Kame looks like a zombie! XD

I absolutely LOVE the dance. The first time I watched the PV I had to of rewound the dance sequence at least 6 times.

Yet a majority of the time I was focusing on Kame’s arms. XD

And of course Koki.

You also gotta love the “oh no” dance move
biased. :] I love all the air time Koki gets both in the song and pv.
By the way, this is an amazing effect.
Girl! :/
Lolz at Kame’s spirit fingers.
Koki looks so adorable!

Attack of the water droplet soldiers!

Kame’s is way too intense. It looks like he’s transforming into a werewolf.

Wow, I just noticed I took zero screencaps of Maru. Eh, C’est la vie.

4 thoughts on “KAT-TUN trades pain for war”

  1. Kames look in this PV had me between total LOLs and OMG HOT!!1 8D
    I just can't decide which xD Whenever a new PV comes out, your screencaps are always the highlight. So, coming from an insane fangirl, PLEASE, when it comes out could you do the same for Kanjani8's Wonderful World!! I have seen the preview and…well..if you think their previous stuff was gay and loud and colourful and happy…TIMES THAT BY 100 and you have this one xD Because I'd be interested to see what you thought of each member singing, their look from someone outside the fandom. Plus, I'd love to see you totally rip them all. Haha. I'm a DoS fangirl xD….ONEGAISHIMASU? 0W0

  2. I felt the exact same way during the PV! Because of his heavy makeup he only looked hot from certain angles. XD

    I'm so glad that you like my screencaps. It's comments like yours that make me keep blogging. <3

    I just watched the short version of Kanjani8's Wonderful World PV and it's pretty loltastic. But I think it's only Kanjani8's 2nd gayest video. I don't think they will ever make a PV that will top It's My Soul. I'll never get over the short shorts! XDXD
    But yeah I'll definitely do a PV review of it. And of course I'm gonna totally rip them all. Kanjanai8 is such an easy target. :]

  3. Since i'm going through your blog might as well comment on this XD

    I loved this PV (the capes and helmets had me going DARTH VADER! even if i've never watched Star Wars XD)

    I showed my little sister (she's younger than me by 11 years) and had her tell me which gender she thought they were Ueda and Kame were immediately thought as girls by her no hesitation…and she really wanted Ueda's butterfly XD

  4. Yeah they are a little Darth Vader like. (Don't worry I never watched Star Wars either. XD)

    Of course it was Ueda and Kame. XD They always look super girly. Ueda looked especially girly in this PV. lol.

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