JUMP No.1 track list

Now as you know I never make entire posts for a CD’s track list. And I also never buy the CD, so I never care about a track list. But since I preordered a copy, I feel much closer and more involved in the CD. So, things like the track list and covers are a pretty big deal to me. So here is the track list for JUMP No.1.


Lyrics:Yabu Kota

Lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru
3. Hitomi no Screen

Lyrics: Yamada Ryosuke 

6.Jounetsu JUMP
7.Sumairu songu
Lyrics: Chinen Yuri

9. Dreams come true
Lyrics: Takaki Yuya
Arrangements: Arioka Daiki, Eddy


Lyrics: Yabu Kota
RAP lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru

12. Your Seed

Lyrics & Music: Yaotome Hikaru
14. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
Lyrics: Nakajima Yuto
16. Ultra Music Power

17.Thank You ~ Bokutachi kara kime e
Lyrics: Hey! Say! JUMP 

I left the lyrics that were written by JUMP members up. That part is also written in red.

First off, I was extremely happy when I first found out the track list was out. I had to literally calm myself down so I could click on the link. I am pretty pleased with the track list.
Of course there are songs I wished were on there. I especially wanted Nounai Dance and Su.Ri.Ru. But there’s nothing I can do about that. Except cry and/or complain. And that wouldn’t solve anything.
We’ve heard 9/17(5 of them obviously being the singles.) songs on the album, which is actually less than I was expecting. I was expecting it to be filled with old songs, and maybe 1 or 2 new ones. But I guess it’s better to have new songs rather than just the same old ones over and over. But people are going to complain either way. Since there’s not enough old ones, people will complain they wanted more old ones. But on the other side if there were no old ones, people would complain that they wanted more old songs. You can’t really win, or make EVERYONE happy either way. Personally, I would like JUMP to release all of their old song officially one of these days. Even if they have to do it like they are now. Throwing a few old songs in with each new CD release.
Enough of my semi-rant, let’s focus on the good. The good being there’s 8 never before heard songs on the album. Which is pretty exciting. What’s even more exciting to see, is who will sing what. Since there doesn’t seem to be any solo songs. And there’s only 1 HSB songs, 1 HS7 song, and 2 groups songs.(excluding the singles of course.) So it’s really anyone’s gues as to who’s going to sing what. Though there will most likely be a Yabu and Hikaru duet.
Another great thing about this album is HSJ members wrote all of the unheard songs themselves! Two songs penned by Yabu, two songs plus rap part of Score by Hikaru, one song by Takaki, one by Ryosuke, one by Yuto, one by Chinen and one by JUMP as a whole. I bet you Thank You ~ Bokutachi kara kime e is just like NEWS’s Share. Where NEWS as a whole wrote the chorus, and each member wrote their solo verse. I also want to hear Dash ASAP! Any song written by Yuto is automatic win! All and all this is pretty impressive. I think they are the first JE group to basically write their own album. I wonder if the members of the JUMP band are playing any of the music for it? That would be cool too.
But the last thing that makes this album awesome is the songs they decided to keep are amazing. Score and Ganbaretsugo were obviously chosen as the BEST and 7 group songs because all the members get solos in the song. Though Ganbaretsugo is less than fair to Ryutaro and Keito. But I love both songs. Especially Ganbaretsugo, I listen to it nearly everyday. And I’ve always really liked Jonetsu JUMP. So I’m really excited to hear the full version of the song. Which there has to be because I doubt they’ll put a 2:30 minute song on an album. And Memories is a good song, it’s not personally my favorite. But a lot of JUMP fans seem to really like it.
So yeah what else can I say? Other than I wish it was July 7th already.

Also, here are album songs that we’ve already heard from JUMP.



Jonetsu Jump:


6 thoughts on “JUMP No.1 track list”

  1. Hey !

    Looking at the track list i'm very exited to hear it and that i pre-order the limited edition a few days ago because it is sold out since yesterday or so..

    I like the choices of the songs so far but i was thinking that they put "School Days" since it was a new song…oh well… it's not like i really wanted the song on it anyway :p
    I'm curious about who's gonna sing what too and if there was a solo it would be cool if it was not Yamada not that i dislike him or anything but the last single was already practically a Yamada solo…

  2. I'm excited to hear it too. I'm glad that you managed to get the limited edition version. Though I am a little sad that the LE edition has a bigger booklet, and that's the only difference. :/
    I pre-ordered mine about a week ago. I was freaking out because at the time it was sold out at CD Japan, I thought it would sold out at Yes Asia too. But luckily it wasn't. :]

    I was sure that they were going to put School Days on it too. I even mentioned it in my last JUMP post. XDXD It really makes no sense to sing a new song and not use it. Maybe it'll be a B-side for their next single or something. >_<

    Yeah, but I really doubt they're are going to be any solos on this album. And if there was it would most likely be by Ryosuke anyway. :/ I want a Yuto solo!<3
    I hated that Hitomi no Screen had so much Ryosuke in it. It made me like the song less. Practically everytime I listned to it I would watch the YY Jumping performance. At least I'd hear 5 of them sing.

  3. Yeah, it would have prefer a bonus dvd, a booklet is nice but not great.
    I see the cover album today too and basically the only difference is the title color (and the outfits they wear but i didn't even notice that at first glance :p). But I'm still glad i have pre-order the limited one :D…

    They sang "Time" at the recording for the July Shonen club and apparently it's a group song…yeah i guess they will most likely be no solos. You sure seem to like Yuto 😀 my favorite is Daiki but i don't know why i have a hard time imagine him doing a solo…

    I have not seen this performance on YY Jumping but i think i understand why you prefer listened to it. 🙂 Me, I like the song better when it's not perform and they're no "I love you" part .. this part is so random !

  4. I wouldn't have wanted a DVD since I wouldn't be able to play the DVD. XD I would have preferred a bonus song.
    I actually don't like the LE cover. The sailor outfits are ugly. o_O They look a lot better in the suit. So I hope those pictures are included in the booklet. :] I'm glad I ordered the LE too. :]

    I know I heard about that. And I can't wait to hear Time! I hope every member gets a solo line though. As for solo songs I really hope there aren't anyone. But you never know they could unexpectedly throw one in. XD
    Yeah I love Yuto. He's my favorite member. <3 Why can't you imagine Daiki having a solo? He already had a solo song. His Kimi to Boku no Future from the Tengoku concert. If you haven't heard it there's fancams and mp3s of it floating around still. :]

    Hitomi no Screen is great on YY Jumping because it's distributed fairly. There even a performance on YY where Daiki leads and does the I love you part, you might like. :]
    I love the I love you parts! They're cute. XD I was actually really sad when it wasn't in the recorded version.

  5. Ah right I forgot that they where different zone for the DVD …XD
    I don't like the sailor outfits either but i suppose both outfit will be in the booklet.

    I suppose it's because i've never see him do a solo and thanks i doesn't know he has one :p I'm still a new fan…since april or something so of course they're a lot of things i miss !

    I see the performance on YY jumping now ..but ..actually i prefer that ryosuke doing the I love you part..errr..i'm confused right now XD
    I still don't like this part though, but yeah i admit that it's cute !

  6. Yeah I hate time zone restrictions. JE should make all their DVDs region free. But that will most likely never happen. XD Lol. I don't think there's really anyone out their that likes the sailor outfits. And I'm betting the suits will be used for their solo pictures or group pictures in the booklet.

    Daiki's voice is one of my favorites within JUMP so I'd actually love to see him get a lot more solo lines. And you're welcome. :] Most JUMP members had a solo at the Tengoku concert. Only Ryutaro and Keito didn't get solos. And Yuto and Chinen had a duet song. But everyone else got one. Which makes me REALLY want them to release the concert on DVD.
    It's cool that you're a new fan. I'm a relatively new fan also. I've been listening to JUMP for a year and a half. You didn't really miss too much. Since JUMP has only been around for 3 years, and they went a year without releasing singles. So basically you just missed a lot of concerts and TV performances/appearances. XD

    Yeah Ryosuke's is my favorite I love you part. Daiki's is 2nd, Yabu's is 3rd, and Hikaru's is 4th. XD It being cute is enough for me to like it. XD

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