My first H!P product ever!

I’ve been meaning to write this post about getting my copy of Morning Musume’s 10 My Me for a while now, but I’ve been to lazy too upload the pictures until now. So this post is a little delayed. But that’s ok better late then never.

So this year my birthday I finally got my first Hello!Project CD/merchandise/anything H!P related ever! (Which isn’t entirely true because I won a few photocards from H!O a few years ago, but that doesn’t really count.) This must be pretty astonishing for some. I’ve been a H!P fangirl for 4 years and had this blog for 2, but I’m just getting my first H!P CD now. But regardless of how much time has passed I am super jazzed that I got this CD in the first place. So naturally I had some pictures to commemorate this historic event.

The package. I blurred my address for obvious reasons. I was going to just keep my name, except it wasn’t even addressed to me. XD

The CD! Which I of course opened. Eventually though, I do want to start collecting H!P stuff and never open them. But this was from Japan Files so there really wasn’t much point to not open it.

The photocard, which I really lucked out on. A group card is one of the best you can get. Sure I would have loved an Aika card or a LinLin card, but I would have hated a Sayumi or Reina card.

The CD opened. Not really sure what to say about this, but I felt the need to take a picture of it like this. XD

What I think is almost better than getting the CD itself is my seeing my family’s reaction to it. I try to keep my family as in the dark about my H!P and JE fandoms as possible. The only time I ever mention a group is when I want my mom to buy me a CD of them. First off my mom thinks Morning Musume is way beyond lame. She thinks it’s stupid for me to like a group that dresses alike, walks alike, and talks alike. And has even said to me “don’t you know girlgroups and boybands aren’t popular anymore?” And my only response to that was maybe in this country. Another hilarious thing is having my mom try to pronounce anything Japanese. She’s called Gyoza Goya, Arioka Daiki Daihiki, and to my mom Morning Musume is Morning Museum. She argued with me that it’s not Musume but Museum. Saying I bought the CD I know what it is, it’s spelled the same way as Museum. I had to actually spell it for her to believe me. And still while I was spelling it she was spelling Museum under me as if I was actually going to say seum instead of sume.
But my sisters reactions are probably way better. As soon as I got the CD she had to immediately see it, so she could mock me. Her reactions were, “oh I thought the were going to be dudes.” Then she asked me if I was in love with them. But you gotta love that logic. I can’t like female singers unless I’m a lesbian. And finally they’re all ugly expect for Ai-chan and LinLin. She obviously didn’t say their names. She just say that one and that one. Which I think is interesting. Ai-chan is an obvious pick for being one of the prettiest, but LinLin isn’t really. I mean she’s pretty but I didn’t really think she’d stand out much to a non fan. Other than saying they were ugly my sister also laughed at me when I say Morning Musume usually sings about girlish feelings of love. Which they do.

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  1. Thanks. :]
    I was beyond excited to get my first H!P CD! And pretty soon I'll be getting my first JE CD.

  2. Hi, this is actually the first time I post a comment in a blog but i really like your blog ! It is one of the only who seems to focus on H !P, JE and AKB48 at the same time and I like the three equally. It’s funny how your family react, when I see that I guess mine is pretty open about morning musume and the rest. For example my Brother don’t really like the music but he is fine with pv because he thinks most of the girls are cute/beautiful (I should do a test to see who he prefers in the differents groups, that should be interesting since non-fans seems to have differents tastes than fans).

    (sorry if my English is bad, i speak french and i don’t usually write in English :p …)

  3. Hey Clara. Thanks. I am really happy that you enjoy my blog. :]

    Well my family recats that way because that still don't understand why I like Japanese music in the first place. It's been 6 years, and they still think one day I'm just not going to like it anymore. XD
    It would be pretty interesting to see what your brother thinks. I was really interested when my sister pointed to who she thought was prettier. LinLin was an odd choice. XD

    (No problem. You're English is actually really good. :])

  4. When I bought my first Berryz CD (it wss 5(FIVE)). I brought it to school because my friends asked me to do so. My best friend said Risako and Maasa looked exactly alike lol. And that Momoko was scary.And that the CD was too girly XDDDD

    Now my best friends loves Berryz and can't believe she once thought Risako and Maasa looked the same XD

    BTW I bought my first H!P CD in my first year of my fandom XD

    —-Jiririkiteru (I hate when it says error openid bah XD)

  5. Haha Risako and Maasa look nothing alike. But I can totally see your friend thinking Momoko looks scary. Her smile can be frightening sometimes. lol. XD Oh and Berryz Koubou 5(FIVE) is amazing! I really need to get that album. XD

    I never really told/or tell my friends about H!P too much, they don't really seem to be interested in it. My friends mostly listen to anime music and some Jrock. I did get one of my friends addicted to Yes! Pocky Girls and Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ though. But beyond that she wasn't really into it. XD

    Lucky! XD I wish I could have bought H!P CDs when I first got into the fandom, I'd have like at least 10 CDs by now. XD

    (What do you mean error? I never get that. XD)

  6. I don't have many CDs, but the ones I have are total wub to me lol XDDDDD The first CD I bought was W's 2nd W 🙂 pretty cool album.

    5(FIVE) is amazing, the regular cover is so cool. I'd die if I had their 1st or their 4th album though XD

  7. I really want 2nd W. I'm a HUGE W fangirl. Plus it has my favorite W song on it, Dekoboko Seventeen! XDXD

    I'd love to get Berryz albums 3-6.
    But I'd die if I had Cafe Buono or Ai no Dai 6kan. Or pretty much all the Momusu albums.

    One of these days I'm going to get a job, so I stop complaining about the CDs I don't have. >_<

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