KAT-TUN-Going! preview

KAT-TUN’s 12th single, Going, song preview is out. This 2nd Jinless single will be released May 12th.

The first 5 seconds of this son make me laugh a lot. I mean Koki screaming going in the beginning is just awkward and hilarious. And totally doesn’t match with the song at all. And for some reason this song has more auto tuning. I love auto tuning and all, but I can barely tell who is who with the auto tune effect. Sometimes it sounds like Koki, but then it kinda sounds like Kame at the same time. I have no idea who sings directly after Maru in the beginning. It literally sounds like they added a new member to KAT-TUN to replace Jin. I’m like 75% it’s Ueda though. The only member who’s voice is distinct during auto tuning is Taguchi’s because of his obvious nasal voice. And when Kame has extended notes it’s also obvious.
The song itself is a little on the bland side. It sounds like a B-side, or one of their many album tracks I’d just skip over. It’s completely not strong enough to be an A-side. I guess since Jin’s not there they just threw something together. I kind of miss Jin’s “I wish I was American” English thrown in there.
Unless this song has some sort of amazing lyrics, I don’t see the appeal of this song. Though since it’s KAT-TUN stupid fangirls will still make it shoot to number one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it only sold like 150,000 copies in the first week.