KAT-TUN’s new single Going on without Jin

KAT-TUN will be releasing a new single entitled Going! on May 12th. Now I usually don’t make entire posts for the announcement of new singles. But what makes this new single so significant is Jin will not be part of this single. Which isn’t really anything new since he wasn’t in the Bokura no Machi de single last time he was in LA. And on top of that supposedly Jin doesn’t have any work scheduled after October. Though I’m not sure how it’s possible for anyone outside of Johnny’s to actually know that.

So of course it’s easy for any fan to start to wonder if this means Jin will permanently leaving KAT-TUN to focus on the US. And of course that will likely never happen. Hey a fan can still dream. I guess I’m just overly eager to see Jin try to break into the US market. Even though he would fail miserably. But I don’t even care if it’s Jin so much. It could be any Japanese artist. I’m just tired of constantly hearing about Korean singers trying to make it here. I like Kpop and all, but I like Jpop about 500 times more.
And I would still like to know why Jin is staying in the US for 3 extra months. It still doesn’t make sense to be to add 3 extra months to your visa for extra concerts that aren’t set in stone. Because honestly if he doesn’t add more concerts, what is he going to do in the US for 3 extra months? It’s not really fair that the rest of KAT-TUN has to do concerts, while he gets a 3 month break just because he was asked to do concerts in the US.
I don’t know this whole situation doesn’t sit right with me. But I guess we’ll have to wait until October. Since this Jin breaking out in the US rumor is a little farfetched, I’m sure come October everyone will look back and laugh about it as much as the Kusano joining KAT-TUN rumor.

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