S/mileage goes major!

It’s official S/mileage is finally going major. Tsunku, just as planned, announced at ManoEri’s concert that S/mileage will have their major debut. They will be signed to Pony Canyon, the same label as Buono. Theie debut song, Yume Miru 15sai, will be released May 26th.

I am completely thrilled that S/mileage accomplished their goal and are going major. I love S/mileage and I think they have real potential to be a top act in H!P. I loved all of their singles so far. I’m really excited to see a S/mileage concert, full album, B sides, and photobooks in the future. I’m just really excited about this! S/mileage is really adorable and have cute voices.

They also revealed the mosaic of all the smiles pictures.

So good luck finding yours. I’d like to think that mine is somewhere making up Kanon. ;]

And if you can speak Japanese, here’s the video where Tsunku makes the announcement. I totally expected the wota to flip out way more than they did. But they also break out in a S/mileage chant for about 3 seconds though. XD