Only 1,000 smiles away from S/mileage’s major debut

S/mileage has been collecting smile pictures for the past month, so they’ll be able to get a major debut if they reach 10,000 pictures. Which you’re probably already aware of. Unless you’ve been under an anti H!P cave for the last month. What you might not be aware of is S/mileage currently has 9,000 smiles. And only 3 days to collect the last 1,000. The final result will be announced during the Mano Erina and S/mileage concert on April 3rd. And most likely the mosaic board will be revealed.

Even if you don’t like S/mileage you should really help them now. I know there’s a lot of people who dislike S/mileage and haven’t sent in their pictures yet. But you should sent in your pictures to show your support for H!P as a whole, if not for S/mileage. If ManoEri needed piano pictures for her debut, or Melon Kinenbi needed melon pictures to stop from breaking up, I would send in my smiles for support. Would I be happy about either happening? Would I care either way? No and no. But I would still do it, to show support for H!P as a whole. H!P very rarely puts the fate of groups in the fan’s hands. They very rarely get the fans involved this much. I think the only other time was with Morning Musume. So I’m actually really excited to be apart of this. Halg because I love S/mileage and half because in some small way it feels like I’m making their debut happen. Well indirectly anyway, but you get my point.

If you haven’t sent in you’re picture yet, what are you waiting for! H!O has posted all the info you need here. You wouldn’t want S/mileage’s debut to be undecided now. ;]