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I got bored so I decided to make a couple new banners for this blog. It’s basically started out that I just wanted to make a couple for the groups I hadn’t got around to making yet. But of course I ended up making 4 different Hey! Say! JUMP ones. XD

Here are the banners if you don’t feel like having to keep refreshing the page.


Hey! Say! 7:

Hey! Say! BEST:

Hey! Say! 7:

Hey! Say! BEST:

I planned on making HS7 and HSB banners because my HSJ banner is an extremley old picture. And getting rid of the picture would ruin my entire code. So I just made some BEST and 7 banners instead.
Morning Musume:

I really considered not making this banner since Koharu isn’t a member anymore. But I love this shoot so much I had to anyway. :]

While I’m talking about site updates, feel free to ask me questions via my formspring on my side box. I only recivied one question. Which makes me uber sad. :/
Also, I eventually plan to make headers featuring SKE48 and AKB48 subgroups. But I’m gonna wait until I know more about AKB48 to do that. XD

4 thoughts on “More headers”

  1. OMG, they hey say jump headers look amazing! o.o
    The last hey say jump picture was the banner just now and i was like HOLY CRAP! <3333
    hot 😀

  2. Thanks, glad you like them. :]
    I know right, it's totally hot! When I was making headers, and I saw I had this picture, I HAD to to make them.
    I'm planning on making more JE headres like that. Starting with Ryo's Boao shoot. Then I'm not sure what else. Cause Jin's AnAn might be a little too much. lol XD

  3. NO NO NO, definately dont use Jin's anan shoot XD Thats really a bit too much for a header XD
    lol, i saw a wallpaper on deviantart today that had all of Jin's anan pictures in it o___o
    as for Ryo's Boao shoot, WIN! <3 Yes yes yes 😀

  4. Yeah probably. XD I'll most likely use pictures from other hot Jin shoots. Cause I need to have a Jin header. XD And of course Ryo's Boao one will be win. That's my favorite JE shoot EVER. <3
    I'm eventually gonna make headers featuring all my favorite H!P and JE idols. :] They'll be pretty sexy. :]

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