NEWS’s love flutters away in Sakura Girl

NEWS’s Sakura Girl PV was released a few days ago. (See I knew not to make a post about the PV preview. I could just tell that the PV was gonna be released shortly after. Which is weird because it took KAT-TUN’s and HSJ’s PVs a week to come out after the PV previews.) Anyway, after the initially fangirl glee of finally having another NEWS PV, I sat down and watched it.

The video is pretty much 95% what I was expecting it to be. Only 95% because I would have died if wanted the PV to have a school setting. But of course it wasn’t, which made me a little sad. Ok I guess NEWS members are a little too old to be dressing up in school uniforms. But if they’re too old they shouldn’t have mentioned being in a classroom in the lyrics. Yeah, besides that it’s pretty much exactly as I imagined. The song is soft so the video is on the boring side with virtually nothing interesting going on. Some sad and kind of angsty walking scenes. And since it’s called Sakura Girl a few cherry blossom shots here and there. But I do like all the NEWS members break up scenes. Mostly because that’s the only thing actually happening in the video.

And I gotta say I absolutely hate how the majority of the PV looks. I’m not into the faded and blurry look it has. I keep waiting for someone to rip of the blurriness and tell me to get Claritin clear. I guess it’s supposed to symbolize that after you break up with someone you’re so dazed it’s like you’re in a fog and nothing makes sense. I’m not even sure it’s that’s the reason behind it, that’s just my best guess to explain the awkward fog.

Tegoshi breaks up through a letter. Which is a little old fashion if you ask me.

A letter I can’t even read is useless to me.

But I’m pretty sure this is what it says ;]

At least his tear is believable.

Not like Yamapi’s “I’m not even trying” tear.

Unavoidable cherry blossom scene no one cares about.

Tough break on the over the phone break up. I guess he was dating Joe Jonas.

That’s it Yamapi look as expressionless as possible. I almost saw some emotion there.

Apparently only Massu got the memo that, this is a break up song and you should look sad.

Everyone else just looks blank

Can someone tell me why Tegoshi is wearing a rosary necklace? He’s filming a PV not meeting the pope.

Leave it to Ryo to smile at something sad.

Keii’s recycled breakup. Though technically it’s a note not a letter. Bah!

But he has the most normal reaction.

Ryo being slapped is hilarious.

Mostly because of this.

Massu gets the most pathetic breakup, a text. You can text message breakup, after 2 years.

Massu’s catatonic/shocked face makes me laugh though.

Shige’s breakup is a little boring.

But apparently they were getting married. XD

Now that I’ve done my overall reaction to the PV, it’s shallow reaction time! ;]

By the way I HATE Ryo’s hair. It’s a mix of his sexy Cherish hair and his ugly Happy Birthday hair. And the end result is hideous!

Yamapi’s hair is ugly. It’s too flat and boring. It almost makes me miss his wet dog hair. Almost.

Excuse me while I die of laughter.

Oh WTF? I just recently started to dig Shige’s Shalala Tambourine hair. :/

NEWS should really learn by Massu’s example. He finds a style that looks good on him and he sticks with it. Since he’s been with NEWS he changed his hair twice. And once was for a drama.

11 thoughts on “NEWS’s love flutters away in Sakura Girl”

    i bet you weren't even trying to sound funny, but you did XD
    lol. You made this (boring) PV seem more interesting, and i suddenly wanted to watch it again.
    I find it so weird that after a long depressing gloomy stupid annoying (etc.) day, i was able to laugh so much while reading your review of this PV. feels good to be able to laugh so much just before going to bed.
    (PS, i checked your blog just now, because i just knew you were going to review it :D)

    I agree about everything you said, It was like you put all my thoughts about this PV into words.
    I especially agree with what you said about Massu.
    He seemed to be the most believable. Yamapi kinda looked like he didnt care. o.o
    (Ryo's slap… lol i was like, WTF WAS THAT A SLAP. when i watched the video for the first time. i wasn't sure so i had to look at that part again XD)

    It was kinda sad seeing all the member's girls break up with them, but yeah… i still find that PV kinda amusing. o.o

    – Laalaa

  2. I'm so glad that you like my review. It pretty much makes my day that you liked it so much. :]<3
    (Thanks. :] You should keep checking my blog because I do a lot of JE reviews now. :])

    Lol thanks. I never try to make my comments of the PV overly funny. They're usually just my initial reactions. I never thought they were all that funny. But I guess they are. XD

    I'm glad you agree with everything. 😀
    But yeah Massu was the best in this PV. Which is weird because in the Koi no ABO he didn't even try to be over the top. But in this PV he was like "ok they want sadness, I'll give them sadness." Yamapi always looks kinda expersionless. lol XD
    I wasn't really surprised at the Ryo slap. Mostly because I watched the making first. But I laughed pretty hard when I found out Ryo requested the slap himself. That was such a Ryo thing to do. >_<

    I didn't think the break up scenes were that sad. Only Tegoshi because he cried, and Shige's because it looked like they were gonna get married. XD And most of the members had zero contact with a girl. So that made it less sad to me.

  3. Haha, yes i actually check your blog regularily 😀
    I don't have an account so i cant subscribe or anything, but i put the link in bookmarks! XD he he.

    It's always interesting to read your thoughts and reviews (:

    Even if they were your initial reactions, they were mine too, but i wouldnt have put them in words in a way thats so funny (:

    I didnt mean the scenes were sad(even though thats what i said) i mean the fact that they were all dumped was sad o.o ., if i was massu's girlfriend and wanted to break up, i dont think i would… but if i did, i would have at least met up with him, instead of doing such a cruel thing as text message breakup, thats just the worst. o.o

    PS: Where did you see the making of the PV? o.o and is it subbed? coz my knowledge of japanese language is less than 1% :/

  4. Oh, lol. XD Well, thanks for bookmarking it.
    I'm glad you like my reviews, and I really appreciate the feedback. 😀

    Thanks. :] I guess I'm used to trying to make my posts interesting since I've been blogging for almost 2 years now. My posts were kinda lame in the begining though. Haha XD

    Yeah it was sad that they got dumped. But considering the song I was expecting it. XD
    I know right! You've got to be a real coward to break up in a text. If I got a breakup text, I'd probably punch the guy who sent it in the face. lol.

    Lol. Don't worry my knowledge of the Japanese language is about the same. And it's not the official making of, it's just the news reports about the music video.
    Yup it's subbed by NEWShFAN. :] And I watched it on youtube. Here's the link:

  5. That;s like me with fanfictions. The first few fanfictions were really lame, and i had a lot of people telling me that XD But now, i get loads of people telling me they like my writing style.
    I guess after doing something for such a long time, you really start to get better, and more natural at it (:

    Thanks for the link by the way. (:

  6. I never really had anyone tell me my writing was bad in the begining. But looking back I can tell it was. XD
    It definitely gets to be more natural after a while. I used to really struggle with what to write, and my posts used to be really short. lol.
    Fanfics huh? Who are you're fanfics about?

    You're welcome. Any time :]

  7. I've written fancics about NEWS, but i lost them all o.o
    i'm currently writing a fanfic about a korean drama called You're Beautiful. lol, it's a boyxboyxboy fanfic XD <3
    I've also written a lot of anime fanfics since i used to be an anime/manga otaku o.o …… yeah . -___- those days are thankfully over XD

  8. Aww it sucks that you lost all yur NEWS ones. :/
    And OMG! I keep meaning to watch You're Beautiful. I love Yong Hwa and Hong Ki.<3 I'm still on the fence though, cause I'm not the biggest UEE fan. XD

    Hey, what's wrong with being an otaku? I still love anime alot. XD

  9. the problem with being an otaku is that you have practically no time for anything else (and i'm currently in desperate need of time o.o)

    Oh and you HAVE TO WATCH YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL DRAMA! 😀 Trust me you'll love it 😀
    You don't have to like UEE, no one does, (except SNSD fans,, but i'm not a SNSD fan)
    I actually kinda liked her in the drama, she acts as a real two faced bitch, but she was so believable, her acting is great 😀
    And YongHwa and HongKi are the reasons why i watched the drama to begin with.
    I must be the only person in the whole world who didnt watch the drama because of GeunSuk XD ha ha C.N.Blue and F.T Island are two of my most favorite korean bands, so thats why i watched it.
    the story of course is also amazing, because it's about music which i love 😀

    ((i hope i didn't spoil anything.))

    anyway watch it soon, and when you finish, read my fanfic on XD ha ha

  10. lol, i said "SNSD" but i meant to say "After School".
    lol, i always get the girl groups mixed up, coz i dont listen to them much o.o
    ha ha XD

  11. Well anymore I don't have that much time to be an otaku. I haven't watched anime in a couple months. My Jpop and Kpop fandoms take up a lot of my time. But I still consider myself an otaku. XD

    Yeah I'll watch You're Beautiful eventually. I've been hearing a lot that it's good. But I have to watch Hidarime tantei EYE and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge first. I've been procrastinating on watching them. XD

    I'm an After School fan and I dislike UEE. I remember when she first joined I couldn't understand why they picked her as the new member. Being freinds with Yoobin probably helped. lol XD And if she plays a character like that it will probably make me like her less. haha

    GeunSuk doesn't really do anything for me. He looks hot ever once in a blue moon, but most of the time he's ugly.
    I've only heard one song by C.N.Blue and F.T Island. I'm pretty new to Kpop. XD I'll probably be into Kpop more when I can pronounce Korean, but it's pretty difficult. ._.

    Haha ok. I'll be sure to read your fanfic. :]

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