At little less B.I. Shadow a little more NYC

The rumor of NYC Boys becoming a permanent group has been floating around for a while. Mostly because they preformed at this year’s Kohaku. It seems that this rumor is somewhat true. Yuma, Chinen, and Ryosuke without B.I. Shadow, will be releasing Yuuki 100% as their new single on April 7th. Simply as NYC rather than NYC Boys. This sudden announcement leaves more questions then answers. Does this mean NYC will become a permanent group? Where does this leave B.I. Shadow? Why didn’t they release another NYC Boys/Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single? Why didn’t Hey! Say! JUMP release this when their version was used as a volleyball support song?

However, I don’t really have an answer for any of these questions. The best reason I can think of is Johnny trying to drum up some more popularity for Yuma. Ever since the NYC Boys/Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single was released Yuma has been shoved everywhere. At a HSJ concert, in Ryosuke’s drama, in Hi-Chew commercials. What’s the reason for that? The more popular Yuma is the better a solo Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single will sell. Maybe Johnny doesn’t think a Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow is popular enough to sell a substantial amount of CDs to stay a permanent group. So why not release another NYC drum up enough popularity that all these new Yuma fangirls will buy any CD he’s featured on, like a NYwBIS one. So making NYC Boys a subgroup of NYC will most likely be better in the long run for NYwBIS. JE could release a new solo NYwBIS single between NYC releases. Until eventually NYwBIS is a strong enough group on it’s own. They NYC can fade into obscurity. Or release one single a year like Tegomass.

But that’s looking at it from an optimistic “NYwBIS still has a future within JE” sort of way. Who’s to say that having a NYC release rather than an NYC Boys release is saying NYwBIS isn’t working? Chalking NYwBIS up to being a failed experiment. Who’s to say he even wants this new NYC single to sell well? As of right now I’m not exactly sure how this single is going to sell. They’re not making a PV for which is like half of a single’s promotions alone. I’m not sure how well a singles without PV have sold before, I can’t even name a single without a PV. I really think JE should have gone the H!P route. Groups H!P is unsure of or wants to build popularity for, releases indie singles first. They when he feels their ready they make their major debut. If JE did this with NYwBIS it would have saved everyone a lot of heartache. Though we wouldn’t have NYC Boys. So it’s sort of a double edged sword I guess.

But enough of wild speculations, and on to my actual opinion of this. I’m sort of on the fence about the single. I’m not really a fan of Chinen at all. He lessened the awesomeness of the NYC Boys to begin with. I love Ryosuke and all, but I’m sick of all the attention he gets. He’s popular I get it, but stop shoving him in my face every 5 seconds. Yuma is kinda cute. But he’s only 15 and I feel like a pedophile for thinking so. But I was actually surprised by how much I liked his voice. The song itself makes me the most excited by this single. I feel in love with Yuuki 100% when I first heard Hey! Say! JUMP perform it. I love it so much I wouldn’t mind if this was NEWS’s new single instead of Sakura Girl. Ok that’s a lie I’d be pretty angry. But if it was their b side I’d be pretty excited.