If it sings like a new member and acts like a new member

UFA & BS-TBS held a press conference to announce auditions. But not the auditions every Morning Musume fan has been holding their breathe for, for over 2 years. Nope, it’s not the Morning Musume 9th generation audition announcement at all. Instead they announced they will be holding auditions in 5 cities to find an actress to stage in Morning Musume’s stage play in June.

Well an acting audition, that has nothing to do with a new Morning Musume member at all. Expect that that’s exactly what it could mean. Morning Musume is looking for an actress for a stage play, which means she won’t only have to be able to act she’ll probably have to sing as well. Well let’s say this winning girl ends up being a good singer. And let’s say this winning girl interacts well with Morning Musume. Then Tsunku could put together that “Hey, this girl will fit together nicely with Morning Musume!” I tend to overanalyze things but this seems in the realm of possibility. I mean Tsunku does seem to make spontaneous decisions. Like when he added LinLin and JunJun and when he formed Coconuts Musume. People should pay close attention to this audition. We might just be seeing the next Morning Musume member in this stage play. You never can tell with Tsunku.