Buono-Our Songs preview

The new Shugo Chara themes also bring us PV and song previews for Buono’s 10th single, Our Songs.

Buono does it again! I think it’s humanly impossible for them to make a bad song. Even my least favorite songs by them are still great. The overall music is pretty simple and a Buono standard. Just some soft guitars in the background, which is completely fine. I really love how the chorus is so drastically different from the verse. It makes it seem like it’s two different songs. I’m also in love when they’re voices blend together like in the bokutachi wa part. Easily the best part of the song.

The PV is a littler plainer than I was expecting. Especially after the awesomeness that was Bravo Bravo. The simplicity of it reminds me of Take It Easy, while the dancing in front of a building scenes remind me of Honto no Jibun. But sadly there’s not much else going on in it.

Their outfits are of course amazing. Buono are one of those groups who’s closet I’d like to raid. In more ways than one. 😉

My favorites pieces of clothing are definitely Miyabi’s marching band jacket.

And Airi’s plaid shorts.

One thought on “Buono-Our Songs preview”

  1. This is AWESOME!
    School has stopped me from watching Shugo Chara (I'm still on the last episodes of Doki!) but I'm NOT missing out on the new songs!

    I know its early to say this but, I can't wait to hear Buono's next song!!!
    They're AWESOME like always ^-^


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