Guardians 4- Going On preview

Shugo Chara has a new opening and ending themes, and with every new theme comes song previews. Like Guardian 4’s new single Going On.

The song is overly happy and energetic much like their last 3 singles. And I of course instantly love the song. Guardians 4 can really do no wrong in my eyes. The music is standard girly anime music and the vocals are undeniably sweet, and I love every minute of it. I gotta say I love every Guardians 4 song. Practically every H!P single that gets touched by Shugo Chara ends up being amazing. Which makes me wish Shugo Chara would never end.

Since the song is used as an ending theme we also get a short preview of the PV.
Words cannot describe how much I hate the new outfits. I know they had to be yellow because of the anime, but I hate the color. It does nothing for them. I also wonder what the next Guardians 4 color will be since they used the 4 main colors already. I’m guessing they’ll most likely use lighter shades of each color. But I’m personally hoping that they use the same pink color Yuuka wore in the SCE PVs.

As expected the girls look really great. But I didn’t really notice anyone else, I was too busy focusing on Aika. She looks incredible. I love that hairstyle on her.

Although the song is pretty much full of win the PV looks kind of boring.

But all Guardians 4 PVs are relatively boring so I’m not really worried. The Shugo Chara endings are misleading anyway. Remember how they made it seem like Party Time was going to be nothing but one big Party scene? And of course it wasn’t.

I would just like to know what’s going on in this picture.

It looks like they’re having animal direct the video. If that’s the case it reminds we way too much of Fall Out Boy’s Thnks fr the Mmrs video, where they had monkeys directing it. XD