Morning Musume’s Tsumaranai Princess

As most of you already know by now Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess PV was released. So, my PV review of this is late. But not really by that much, it’s more fashionably late. XD

Anyway, if I haven’t made it clear before I absolutely adore this song. It’s cute, it’s danceable, and it sounds like they had another drink helium to see who gets to be the new character on Kirarin Revolution contest. The squeaky auto tuned vocals, made me expect an equally amazing PV. But it seems everything I feared from the 10 second preview was true.

I wish Morning Musume would stop with the close up and dance format. I like a PV that actually has something going on. H!P really needs to wake up. They must think this format is working. That’s the only explanation for the repeats.

And most of all the song is called Kimagure Princess and it’s filmed in a castle. But, they didn’t even utilize the setting they were in! V-U-DEN’s Kacchoii Ze Japan PV was filmed in a castle, the song had nothing to do with princesses, but V-U-DEN actually made a decent PV. Let’s look at where Kimagure Princess went wrong.

Kacchoii Ze Japan had a castle setting.

Kimagure Princess had a castle setting.

Kacchoii Ze Japan filmed scenes off of a balcony.

Kimagure Princess has a fence. Well that’s much better,

Kaccohii Ze Japan used the giant castle doors.

Kimagure Princess has a black floral wall. How awesome
would it have been to end Kimagure Princess by
walking out of the doors or something?

Kachoii Ze Japan even had a better dance floor!

Kimagure Princess’s is lame in comparison.

But don’t get me wrong there were still a few aspects of the PV I liked. There weren’t that many but, there were still a few good parts.

I love the wannabe Balalaika Russian dance.

Is there anyone out there that didn’t appreciate the random
butt grab?

There’s a lot of mixed feelings on the fire scenes.
But I personally think they’re epic. They’re the most
unique part of the video.

Sayumi always has been great at beckoning gestures.

I also think the dance changing scenes are pretty cooling
looking too.

God, I’m gonna miss Koharu!

However the real star of this PV is LinLin.





4 thoughts on “Morning Musume’s Tsumaranai Princess”

  1. Why are you comparing them to v-u-den? >_< This is Morning Musume we're talking about.
    Sorry, I'm abit biased but I LOVE this PV. (Still read the whole review though! ^_^)

  2. Ehr because both of them ha castles, with the difference Biyuuden knew how to use it, and Musume didn't.

  3. @Jiriri: It's is sad, and it's dissapointing. :/ And I happen to LOVE this Alvin and the Chipmunks song. ;]

    @Konoka: Exactly. I'm not comparing the groups, just the PVs. To point out how Morning Musume could have made the PV a lot better than it did.

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