Morning Musume can’t catch a break

CDTV releases a short preview of Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess PV. It’s only about 10 seconds, but it’s still disappointing.

I was expecting a lot from this video. The song is arranged by Dance*Man, it’s cute and squeaky instead of soft and sorrowful. And yet none of that could help it get a good PV. I guess it was just doomed from the beginning.

Slap some black dresses on them and it’s Nancahtte Renai. Everything about this makes it look like Nanchatte Renai part 2. The similar dance room. Almost identical close up shots. But instead of plain concrete walls they switched it up with some floral patterned ones. They’re filming it in a building that looks like a castle, you’d think they would play off that more since it fits with the song. But apparently not. I guess all of H!P’s good directors work exclusively for Buono.

I know it’s only 10 seconds of the PV, but I kind of doubt they’re keeping all the really spectacular PV scenes hidden until the video is realesed.

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